Darren Tracey visits Partridge Lakes!

Darren Tracey fancied a change on a recent session at Partridge Lakes choosing feeder and waggler tactics over the more usual pole methods. Here he tells us what occurred during his session!

Loading up the car for me second session of the bank holiday weekend, and for once there was no rain. A positive image1before leaving the house! So it was back off to Partridge Lakes Fishery in Cheshire for a day on the rods.

Arriving at the fishery just before gate opening, I was feeling quite positive spurred on by the lack of snow that had greeted me yesterday morning. I made my way round to Gold Lake. This is the members’ only lake on the complex. Given how my main attack would be rod work, I chose to fish Peg 42, as this peg gives plenty of area for feeder and float work.

I decided to fish 2 lines employing 3 different methods. Line 1 would be at the 11 o’clock position and casting to roughly the centre of the swim, fishing a Small 24 gram Guru Hybrid Feeder. This would be loaded with Bait-Tech Sticky Method Pellets with hookbaits being an assortment of 8mm Carp and Coarse Pellets, Hi-Viz White Shellfish 8-10 mm Boilies and Sweet Coconut Flouro 8-10 mm Pop-Ups. Line 2 would be at the 1 o’clock position, again to roughly the centre of the swim. Tactics being employed was fishing bomb and pellet with a small Guru Square Inline Lead, feeding and fishing 8mm Carp and Coarse pellets. On this same line I would also fish pellet waggler confident that the feed going in would encourage the fish to move up into the upper layers of the water. Bait preparation today was simple, and followed the prep method on the packaging. I put half a bag of the Sticky Method Pellets into a bait tub and covered with water for 2 minutes. I then drained the water and left to stand for 10 minutes while I rigged up the rods. What I was left with was pellets that appeared barely damp, but stuck together nicely with very little squeezing. Also striking me, was that these pellets are more of a round shape than the usual ‘pellet’ shape. Maybe not a huge discovery to some, but this at least would indicate to me that these are not just the regular 2mm pellets with a binding additive. Remembering I’d put some N-TICE Polony in my bait bag that is frozen from last weekend’s session, I chose to feed a third line down the margin for a late afternoon dabble on the pole at top 2 + 2.

image3So, the rigs. For line 1 – 24g Guru Hybrid Feeder attached to the mainline using the x-safe system. 4 inch hook length of Guru N-gauge 0.19 to a size 16 QM1 hook with a bait band on a hair. I also had the same feeder set up with the same line and hook size, but with a speed stop on the hair. This would allow me to fish the mini boilies. Line 2 – 2/3 ounce Guru Inline Square Lead. This also employed the X-Safe system as the feeder. 15 inch hooklength of Guru N-gauge 0.19 to a size 16 MWG hook with a bait band on the hair. 2nd rig for line 2 – 4 gram Preston Dura Pellet Wag float, held in position with 2 float stops at each side of the float. Guru N-gauge 0.17 hook length to a size 16 pellet waggler hook with a bait band on the hair. Line 3, 0.3g CF Edge float, N-gauge 0.17 main line and 0.15 hook length to size 16 XS Carp hook.

Starting on line 1, I would reload and recast the feeder every 15 minutes even if I had no fish in that time. This would keep a small but steady amount of feed into the swim. In the first hour I put a steady stream of fish together. Bites slowed slightly until they come to a head after a sudden hail storm. But, by alternating my hookbaits between pellets and mini boilies, I had some nice carp, F1s and skimmers.While fishing this, I was feeding 2-3 pellets every couple of minute on line 2. As bites had become difficult to come by I moved onto line 2. I was quickly into carp and f1s on this line on each cast as I was still feeding the pellets, I happened to notice signs of fish coming to the surface for the pellets. It was at this point I switched from bomb to pellet wag. Within a couple of casts I had my first bite resulting in a nice chub gracing the net. This continued for some time, with the odd carp and f1 making an appearance. The chub though had become so confident taking the pellets, I had a few vicious bites, were the chub were becoming self-hooked without me needing to strike! As thick cloud had built and moved over the lake, the fishing on the surface slowed, as did the fishing on the bottom. So, I then chose to move into my margin. Hoping that the fish had moved in over the N-TICE Polony I had been trickling in throughout the session, I lowered in my bait. Took a little while for a bite, but I was into a nice fighting fit carp. After a couple of big f1s, my watch was telling me it was time to pack up and head home to feed myself after feeding the fish all day.

A very good day in far from ideal conditions at times again, some very nice condition fish graced the net. These consisted of carp to 5.5lb, f1s to 4lb and chub to 2lb. Also taking a fancy to my bait was a cheeky robin that through the day would land on my bait box for a cube of N-TICE Polony each visit. It was not only had the fish that enjoy a good quality Bait-Tech feed.
Tight Lines

Darren Tracey

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