Pete Mahoney at Suffolk Water Park!

Street Squad member Pete Mahoney looks back at his session at Suffolk Water Park!

The day had finally come! Dave Williams and myself loaded up the car (to the roof) and set off on a road trip to Suffolk!received_225154877863985 The occasion was that we planned to do some fishing at the fantastic Suffolk water Park with Steve Cowley, Phil Spry, venue experts Deana Ramsey, Brett Calver and the awesome Boss lady herself Hayley Goldsmith. An occasion spread over two days, day one we all set up on lake M1 An absolutely picturesque lake with beautiful over hanging Willows between each peg. Having fished this venue before and regularly reading the match reports I was quite educated on how to attack the venue. I set up two rods. One for fishing bomb and pellet and the other with a pellet waggler. Bait for today was simply 8mm Bait-Tech Carp & Coarse pellets drenched in Bait-Tech Sizzling spicy sausage additive. This additive has been a real winner for me all year round, even in the depths of winter where I’ve added it to

maggots, and so i totally trust in its pulling power. Rig wise on the bomb and pellet rod u stuck to the ever faithful Guru micro lead clip with two thirds of an ounce square lead. This was finished with a 15 inch hook length of 0.19 Guru N-Gauge, a size 16 Qm1 hook and a bait band on the hair. The pellet waggler was simply an 8g float sat between float stops which I can work up the line to adjust what depth I want finished with a 12 inch hook length of 0.17 Guru N-gauge with a size 18 pellet waggler hook and a bait band on the hair.

I started on the bomb and pellet line and as the session progressed switched to the pellet waggler. One thing I thing that sticks in my mind about this venue is how hard the Carp fight when you’re playing them! They are the hardest fighting commercial Carp that I have ever come across!! As the day came to a close, plenty of banter was had and everyone finished with a beaming smile on their faces. Unfortunately I was unable to fish day two and so I turned my hand to my absolute amateur photography skills but still managed to pull off some decent photos. An awesome two days with awesome company that I just can’t wait to do again!!
Pete Mahoney

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