First Airfield Carp of 2016 for Richard Handel

After doing a few hours first in the morning and a look around on a swim that felt fishy I had my ‘normal’ day and then I was back and setting up in the dark for another overnighter.  There was just enough time to flick the rod’s out on a couple of nice spots I had clipped to earlier.


The rest of the kit was set up in the darkness.  I was not going to put out any freebies and just used a washed out Poloni pop ups, one white & one yellow and both dipped in The Juice.



Around 1 am the yellow pop up rod was off with my first Airfield lake carp of 2016. 19lb 8oz Common with a big tail to give me an amazing fight.


Despite the darkness, my gear was quite organised.  After some 30+ year’s of setting up in the dark during the Winter months, it has become second nature. The view in the morning wasn’t bad either.



At around 10am, I recast the rod’s for the last 2 hour’s in the hope of another take, unfortunately it was not to be .

Until next time

Richard Handel
Carp Catcher

2 Responses to First Airfield Carp of 2016 for Richard Handel

  1. Brian Mack May 4, 2016 at 7:12 pm

    Glad to see all your commitment paid off with a nice fish!

  2. Abhin April 17, 2019 at 2:06 am

    Poloni pop ups. The unique aroma created by this proven meat flavour, combined with the spice seriously screams big fish as soon as you open the bag.

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