Annual French Trip for Kev Horton Results in PB…..and more…

Well it was that time of the year again, it was our annual France trip with the boys and this year we were off to Chateau Moulin located in the Limousin region of France. We left at around 4am on the Friday morning and after a very long and tiring 13 odd hour drive we arrived at the club house, and met up with the rest of the party and all the Carpy banter had started.

That night we got our heads down on the dam wall full of anticipation for the following morning, we woke to the smell of bacon and after filling our bellies we went about doing the draw for choice of swims. I was lucky to have first choice and decided on a swim called “pomme de pin” it was in a bay but also had a stream inlet and my feeling was that the extra oxygen generated by the running water would surely bringing a few carp to this area.

After getting the base camp set up for the week I set about planning my spots for my 3 rods, the right hand rod was a 60 yard flick up against a big bed of Lilly pads, I then sticked half a kilo of the Poloni boilie into the pads to leave a little trailed of bait, I opted for a hinge rig with a semi stiff boom section and a matching pop up on the business end. The middle rod was placed at around 110 yards into a deep area in the channel of the stream which the bailiff had put me onto as a great spot.


Finally the right hand rod was aimed at my far marginal around 104 yards which was a sort of floating raft of grass and trees hoping to intercept the fish coming around into the channel. I walked around and spread around 2/3 kilo of the Poloni boilie over the 2 rods by hands, and as for rigs I used a 9/10” semi stiff coated hook link with only the hair stripped back, I opted for a Poloni Wafter bait on each.

The first action didn’t take long as around 3/4pm the right hand rod was away, due to having to fish all our rods locked up tight due to the amount of pads in the lake it was a great preview to the amazing battles we we’re going to endure from these French carp.


After a few minutes I had a mid double mirror in the bag and I was off the mark. It really was an indication to how my session would pan out for the week, the fish really couldn’t get enough of the bait as my bites just kept coming and coming.

The bailiff has made me aware that a few smaller (doubles and twenties) liked to hang around in this area so I would have to get my baiting spot on and hopefully a few of the better fish would move in during the week. So with this in mind I kept a steady stream of boilie going in twice a day with 2/3 kilo at a time and would also leave my rods out of the water at times to let them have a free feed, again hoping that the big girls would eventually turn up.

As the week went on the bites just kept coming and the fish we’re starting to get a little better, I’d started to get through to a few 30’s now so the plan looked like it was starting to pay dividends. On the 3rd morning just before first light the left hand rod gave a couple of bleeps and I pocked my head out to see the tip arched over, I darted out and as soon as I lifted into the fish I instantly knew it was a better fish, no head shaking just slowly plodding around at about 80/90 yards. After a slow put powerful fight I slid the net under a large mirror carp, as I shone my head torch into the net I could see it was massive.

I couldn’t wait to weigh it and it went 48.14lb and a new French PB I was over the moon, we waited for better light levels then got off some shots of my prize, I was absolutely buzzing and that alone had made my week.


Fortunately it didn’t stop there as over the week I managed around 50 takes unfortunately loosing a few due to hook pulls in the pads but I ended up with a total of 34 carp including 4 x 40’s to 48.14lb , 46.06lb , 41.02lb mirror and also a 41.08lb common known as “the long common” which is one of the oldest fish in the lake and also a French common PB (who says I never catch commons) which was a highlight of my week.








After packing up in the pouring rain that was that, another years trip was over but I was over the moon with the weeks fishing I had had.

Finally I’d like to thank Dave Marvel for another brilliantly organised trip and also to Steve, Kim and Andy the bailiff from Chateau Moulin for they’re hospitality and fantastic food.

Until next time

Tight lines

Kev Horton
Carp Catcher

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