Dave Williams at Suffolk Water Park!

Bait-Tech Street Squad member Dave Williams takes a look back on his two day session at the awesome Suffolk Water Park Fishery!

Suffolk Water Park Day 1.

Myself and Pete Mahoney from the “Street Squad” made the long journey down to Suffolk Waterpark for a couple of Baitdays where we would be joined by fellow Street Squad member Steve Cowley and also joining ourselves would be Hayley Goldsmith, Phil Spry, and resident match anglers on SWP Deana Ramsey and Bret Calver.

It was the first time fishing the venue so it was great to get some local knowledge from the guys prior to fishing. Deciding to fish on M1 Lake today hoping to catch some of the fantastic stocks of Carp on offer and for myself to get amongst the vast stocks of silvers resident in the lake too.

Picking peg 5 I set about setting up a Pellet Waggler a Feeder rod using a Guru Hybrid Feeder and also my Pole too. Baits for the day were a simple choice of. Waggler with 8mm Bait-Tech Carp and Coarse Pellet soaked in Polony Oil. Pole with 6mm Bait-Tech Carp and Coarse Pellet and 6mm Meat with The Juice poured over it to give it a sweet smell and a sticky feel also. Feeder, The new sticky Method Pellets, and for the hook a mixture of 6mm and 8mm Carp and Coarse Pellets again in Polony oil and a mix of small hooker Shellfish Boilies 8mm to 10mm in size.

Casting out a Drennan 5g Shorty waggler, it was not long before I hit into one of the hardest fighting Carp I have ever caught, (it was like a Train). Bringing the Carp to the net I thought it might have gone to well over 10lb for the fight it gave me, but it was around the 6lb mark, but I was very happy with that. A few more Carp came to the Pellet Waggler by feeding 3, 8mm pellets in every couple of minutes and giving the float a “Twitch” back into the target zone of the carp, the bites slowed down so it was time to get the feeder out.

Casting the feeder out to around the same distance I had been fishing and feeding the Pellet Waggler line, on my very first cast the tip flew around and another carp was giving me the run around, slipping it into the net it was at least 10lb. After several more casts on the feeder, the swim went dead, only for one of the cracking Skimmer bream to pick my 8mm Pellet up, and it was fish on, bringing the Skimmer to the net it just about fitted in, it was “Big” and in great condition too. Loading the feeder again with the Sticky Method Pellets but this time changing the 8mm pellet for a 6mm pellet, a few smaller Skimmers followed but the swim soon died off.

LandingShotThe Pole line had been fed for most of the day at around 11.5 meters out, feeding it with some wetted down 2mm Carp and coarse Pellets and a few cubes of 6mm meat that had been sat in Juice for a couple of hours. Using a 0.6g Gino Chi Chi in around 7ft of water I shipped out the pole to 11.5m and first drop in the float was away in seconds, and a fine looking Skimmer hit the net, this was the story for the next few hours, hitting skimmers around the 2lb mark on every put in fishing 6mm cubed meat, lots more skimmers were caught, with constant loose feeding after every fish.

Day 1 was over in a blink; with everyone catching I was looking forward to day 2 and a return to fishing M1.

Suffolk Water Park Day 2.

Meeting up for day 2 the weather conditions had changed, with a strong wind and hailstones and snow forecast we headed down to M2, again Carp and plenty of silvers to target, I spoke to Brett who put me on peg 43.

Keeping things simple today, a Pole line at 8m out fishing Corn with a squirt of Liquid Pellet added to it just to boost it up, with a hook bait change of a 6mm carp and Coarse pellet on a band, I was looking to target the Skimmers and the Bream, with a chance of a decent Tench or two. Deciding to feed 2mm Carp and Coarse Pellets again, but this time with a squirt of Liquid Pellet in them too, I was confident that it would work for me with the silvers.

Pole line set up which consisted of a Dino 0.6g float as the tow today was very strong and I had to lay the rig on by around 3 inches over depth just to hold the bait still on the bottom. Feeder line was set up again using Sticky Method Pellets, and Fishing an 8mm Carp Pellet soaked in liquid Pellet on the hook. Loading the feeder up with the Pellets and getting the hook bait in the band, I decided a short cast was all that was needed today of around 30m. Casting the feeder out I let it lay still for around 15minutes just to see if anything was about, but no bites and was like that for the first hour, then a bite out of the Blue resulted in a cracking fully scaled Mirror Carp coming to the net and weighing around 9lb, fishing this method for a further two hours I managed another Carp a common of around 5lb and a couple of Skimmers up to 2.5lb still on the 8mm Pellet.

After feeding the pole line for a couple of hours again with micros but this time with some of the corn added I had a clear window with the weather, the wind had dropped, and the air temp had picked up too. The pole got shipped out using Corn and it was an instant bite, a fantastic looking skimmer come to the net, so I cupped more micros in with a few more bits of corn and I was straight back in as soon as the float had settled off. With regular feeding of the micros and corn I was having a better stamp of skimmer probably pushing 3lb and in the space of two hours I landed another 15 of them ranging from 12oz to 3lb.

Considering the poor conditions, getting the feeding pattern right on the pole was a must, I found that after every fish I had to toss pot in a full pot with some free corn otherwise I would not get a bite (Handy Hint of getting the feed going in in the correct manner will put lots more fish in the net). The peg fished very well with a nice net of Skimmers and also a couple of Carp too.

The fishing was fantastic at Suffolk Water Park and a very happy Angler having had two good days in poor conditions fishing alongside some of the Bait-Tech Street Squad.

Tight Lines Dave Williams

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