Chris Vandervleit Wins at Lake John!

Bait-Tech’s Chris Vandervleit loves getting the chance to fish at Drennan Lake John in Waltham Abbey and the bank holiday was the perfect opportunity to get out on the bank!

Bank holiday Mondays I really look forward to. Two reasons a short week at work and an open match at Drennan Lake John. Lake John is in my opinion the best silver fish venue in the country. I  only really get to fish the venue in the Winter when weights of between thirty and fifty pounds are required to win the match. At this time of year between eighty and a hundred pounds are required.

LakeJohn1At the draw I asked venue owner and good friend Colin Bartlett to draw for me, the reason for this was due to the poor run of draws I have been having. Peg 32 was my peg for the day. Now the peg has a lot of features a Willow tree and a hut at 14 metres and a set of rushes next to me on my right and a small set of rushes to my left. These were going to be
three of my main lines plus one in front of me at 5 metres in open water. All of these lines the depth was between three to four foot. The Willow tree was going to be a line I was going to feed for Carp. On this line I fed Bait-Tech 4mm Carp and Coarse pellets and corn. The other lines I fed my favourite mix Bait-Tech Special G gold and green groundbait with chopped worms and casters, four balls and a big pot full of worms and casters and I was set to go.

The first line I started on was in front of me at 5 metres where I had a good start with ten Skimmers to about a pound and a half.  A quick look to my right by the Willow tree produced a double figure  Carp. During the six hours of the match I rotated mainly between the 5 metre line in front of me and the Willow tree topping up with big pots of corn and pellets by the tree and groundbait and worms and casters on the 5 metre line.
By the time the match had ended I managed to catch 134lb and a match win. The weight consisted of five Carp for approximately 40lb by the Willow tree which fell to corn hook bait. The rest of the weight was made up with Skimmers, Bream, Tench and Roach these were caught on Worm and caster hook baits.

Chris Vandervleit

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