Be Organised

Here’s a quick tip from our resident barbel expert Justin Beale: Specialist anglers like Justin don’t use seat boxes with drawers etc like match anglers, instead they carry their kit usually in a rucksack.

Justin likes to be highly organised on the bank and he has a dedicated ‘end point’ container where essential end point items are kept all in one place. Such items as bait stops, a large selection of needles and drills for using with hair rigs, scissors, glue, tools for balancing feeders/enlarging holes, tape, putty/ shot for fine tuning hooklengths, camera remote etc etc, in fact anything you need to hand on the bank in one place to improve efficiency which will catch you more fish, and all in a waterproof container that you can store in your rucksack.



If you don’t already organise your essential end point tackle like this, give it a try as if will not only save you time on the bank hunting around for these items in your rucksack/tackle bag, and catch you more fish – you’ll never lose those small items of tackle that you just can’t live without…

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