Darren Tracey on Xpand Pellet Preparation!

Darren Tracey shares his method for preparing our massively popular Xpand pellets!

My first job of the session when I reach my peg, after setting my seat box up is to prepare my Bait-Tech Xpand pellets. Although there are various ways of preparing them, this method always ensures I have perfect pellets every time. This method is the same whether you’re using 4mm or 6mm Xpands.xpand_sum1(289)

Firstly I take a small handful of my Xpand pellets put them into my pellet pump and fill the pump with water. I then pump the pellets until they just sink. Next I drain the water, but leaving enough water to just about cover the Xpand pellets. I then take a small plastic bag and empty the pellets and remaining water into the bag. At this point, I will squeeze as much air out of the bag as I can without losing any of the water. Tie a knot in the bag and set it to one side while tackling up. What I find is by squeezing the air out and tying the bag, the expanders will take on the water and soften, but will not over-expand and become too soft. When ready to fish, I simply pick up the bag and I know they are good to go as the bag will be tight were the pellets have tried to expand but could not. Open the bag and pop the pellets in your tub. The pellets will all be of a uniform size soft but with enough sponginess were they stay nicely on the hook. I store the pellets in a small tub without water, but have a 2nd small tub with water in on my tray. To prevent the Xpands from drying out and floating, during the session I will dampen my fingers in the water and give the pellets a quick stir around.

I hope this tip helps you get the best out of the already great Bait-Tech Xpand pellets and puts more fish in your net.

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