Quick Spring Tip

IMG_6047-01At this time of year, carp are starting to wake up from their winter slumber and becoming more active. This means that they will be burning more energy and therefore be on the hunt for food once again.

Throughout the colder months, a carp’s eyesight deteriorates, so a great tip for this time of year is to use bright hi-viz hookbaits. Anything that is bright and stands out on the bottom will have a much better chance of being noticed by the fish.

IMG_6054-01Bait-Tech’s Hi-Viz Pop ups are perfect for tactic as they come in extremely bright and vivid colours. You now also have the recently released ‘washed out’ Poloni Pop Ups, which come in a pale pink, white and yellow. These too really stand out on the bottom and are the ideal hookbaits to use when fishing over Poloni boilies.

To give your bright hookbaits an addition boost, try dipping them in the awesome new ‘The Juice’ before casting out. This super sweet and sticky liquid clings to the baits and really increases the pulling power.

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