Quick Tip on Bait-Tech F1 Groundbait with Olivier Wimmer

In France, we meet more and more different styles of fishing on various venues, fisheries, canals, rivers. This way we need very versatile groundbait and that’s why I’m using more and more the Bait-Tech F1 mix especially when targeting a mixed bag of fish.

You can do with anything you wish with F1 groundbait! – cupping it, ball in.

The sweet fishmeal flavour it contains is perfect when using living baits such as joker, chopped worms as it is a non-aggressive mix keeping baits alive on the bottom for a moment. This is how I do it:

– Fishery/lake: using a small pot is perfect as I prepare a very sloppy mix. The over wet groundbait provokes a small cloud and is falling very slow on the bottom. Perfect for silty and shallow water with added dead fluoro pinkies and chopped worms.

– Canals : As these venues are a school of precision, I prefer cupping in all my groundbait in small balls (small oranges) containing just a small amount of joker in the first 10 ones then concentrating all bloodworms in the 5 last ones,

-Rivers: Nothing’s better than laying a carpet of groundbait at the start to dress the table when big skimmers and breams arrive. Casters and dead red maggots are mixed in 10 big balls of Groundbait that I ball in at the start.

During the fishing, as soon as the number of bites is falling down, I re-throw 5 egg-sizes balls every 20 min.

It’s a fine groundbait really easy to mix and prepare: I add water in two times. First time I over wet it and then leave it for a moment (15 min/30min). After this good rest I correct it and perfect it with the sieve. It is then ready to use! F1 is for me is the ultimate all round mix!

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