A Trip To Birds Green Fishery for Brad

IMG_3322Well I ventured down to Birds Green Fishery in Essex on Tuesday and broke the blanking curse, which had descended upon me.

I arrived just before 7am and was awaiting the arrival of a few friends I had invited along, so with some time to spare I went for a walk around the lake to choose a swim and to spot any give away signs of carp.

Having walked the entire lake and seeing activity in the deeper region of the lake I chose a swim which offered me a good quantity of water with varying depth and some great features such as a thick reed bed and a functioning air-orator.

I tied a rig using the Poloni 14x18mm dumbbells with one end slightly trimmed to sit an Edibles pop-up corn on top to offer a semi balanced presentation and threaded on a Castaway PVA Bag of Bait-Tech Csl krill

+Tuna soaked Halibut Marine Pellets in 3 varying sizes on to the rig to prevent any debris which may been on the bottom interfering with the rig and bait.

IMG_3321I then catapulted a few pouches of the Scopex corn and between 40-50 freebies of Poloni boilies, some whole and some chopped in the area. It wasn’t long until the fox alarm erupted into a screamer, Fish on I called out and soon landed a 13lb 4oz common, with the fish returned safely I recast the rod but in closer along the margin after spotting some carp disturbing the muddy bottom, again the same presentation and Bait onto an area no more then just over a foot of the bank.

I placed my polarized glasses on and peeked over the reeds when a chunky common came in and dived onto the bait, I slowly crept away and tip toed back to my Rods when just as I looked across the line tightened the alarm once again belted a one toner.

I was just praying to land another and after a worthy battle the carp was landed and indeed it was the chunky common I observed diving down on the bait.

An ultimate combination of the Poloni and Csl Krill + Tuna soaked Halibut Pellets proving to catch carp.


Brad Evan Hart


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