Pete Mahoney on Skimmers!

Bait-Tech Street Squad member Pete Mahoney reports back on a recent session at Partridge Lakes!

Today I fished on Gold Lake a member’s only lake on the Partridge Lakes complex.

The weather was perfect, cloudy with light rain and so it was a perfect opportunity for some Skimmer action and to test out a brand new float from my range; the C.F Skimmer. I set up on peg 6 which is a peg that seems to hold skimmers and has fantastic under water contours where for commercial fishing I can find 4ft deep at 6 metres out and 7ft deep at 13 metres.

For the Bait approach I’ve opted for the awesome Bait-Tech F1 groundbait mixed 50/50 with Bait-Tech Special G Gold. With commercial fisherys being dominated by pellets which are usually made up of fishmeal, then along with some 2 mm Bait-Tech Carp and Coarse pellets and some 4mm Bait-Tech expanders was the only way to go!! The F1 groundbait mainly being made up of finely crushed expanders and the special G ground bait being made from the highest grade of fishmeal with the added GPS90 feeding stimulant; I was getting giddy when I was mixing it up knowing that with the perfect conditions I was in for a good days fishing!! DSC_0663(289)Not forgetting that Bait-Tech also produce another excellent groundbait bait for skimmers and bream which is the Bait-Tech pro natural Bream, again it does what it says on the bag but I wanted to try something a little different today.

Mixing up my groundbait couldn’t be simpler! I’ve mixed it 50/50 by hand and on the damp side then I ran the whole lot through the riddle to remove any lumps and what I was left with was a lovely fluffy texture that I could mould with some micros and then straight away I could rub it between my hands and it would separate nicely again. This way with the depths that I’m fishing at I know that the groundbait will get down to the bottom and start to break down nicely, filling the swim with aroma and attraction. To feed all I have done today is kicked off the swim with 1 ball of groundbait which will initially draw in the fish then to keep them coming into the peg, simply make a small ball of groundbait, slap it into my 2mm Carp & Coarse pellets then feed it with my cad pot and lower my 4mm expander into it. Of course for the hook bait you can always use a bit of worm or some dead red maggots on the hook and also mix a few into the groundbait but as I mentioned earlier; commercial fisheries see so much fishmeal then for me this was the way to go.


On the rig front I used just two! One for my 4ft line made up of 0.13 Guru engage with a 6inch hook length of 0.11 in the same finished with a 4×12 C.F skimmer for the float and a size 18 Gama black hook, and another for my 7ft deep line made of exactly the same but with a C.F 4×14 float to cope with the depth.

I kicked off the session on the short line and fed my 13 metre line which I eventually pushed the fish into and had them feeding confidently bringing back a fish with every “put in” even the small barbel had a go!!

I’ve finished a fantastic session and all went perfect from the weather conditions to the bait and the presentation.

So many people have asked me in the past “What’s the secret Pete?” I simply reply “it’s all in what you feed and how you feed it! Have you read the article that I wrote for Bait-Tech that’s on-line?!!”

Get out and give it a go. You could surprise yourself!

Tight lines.

Pete Mahoney.

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