Kristof Verbeeck’s Latest Session!

Bait-Tech Street Squad member Kristof Verbeeck reports back on a recent session where he put a new groundbait mix into action on a commercial venue using a Method Feeder attack. image3(3)

My new commercial adventure is going really well so far. Using soaked micro pellets with a generous dash of one of the Bait-Tech liquids has resulted in a nice net of carp each time I was on the bank. The other day however I tried something different; I ignored pellets completely and tried a new groundbait mix for a change. A mix I have never used before: Bait-Tech Special G Gold and Tiger & Peanut Method Mix.

A nice sweet groundbait with lots of particles and of course an enormous boost of fishmeal. Special G is a legendary groundbait which will never let you down. As a hook bait I brought 10mm Hi-Viz boilies, white maggots and a tin of sweetcorn with me. I choose to change a lot between a method feeder setup with a 4 inch short hook length and a cage feeder setup with of course a much longer hook length. Both rods were clipped on a spot at 27m. If that line should produce less bites I could always switch to a long method feeder marked at 54m.

For me using a good quality groundbait and hookbaits is very important. But fishing actively and changing methods is even more so. It is in fact essential – Effort equals reward. It has been said so many times, but it really is true.

After several hours fishing under very nice weather conditions I caught 35 carp and 1 bream. It proves that you can still achieve great results with a groundbait mix. I hope you’re all convinced to give it a try at your local commercial.


All the best and till next time.


Kristof Verbeeck

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