Steve Tucker’s Last Chance to Qualify!

IMG_2761Fishomania at viaduct on Saturday was my last Fishomania ticket this year, so I was hoping for a good draw on either Campbell or Cary lakes. I drew Campbell peg 111, so was expecting to catch a few fish in this area.

I set up two G-Max 10ft bomb rods, one with 0.16 to a size 16 QM1 hook, for fishing 8mm pellets or meat and the other rod was set up using an 0.22 hook length to a size 12 QM1.

I also set up two 11’6″ G-Max Commercial waggler rods, one for fishing a pellet waggler at 18″ deep and the other for fishing a waggler at depth.

I set up 4 pole rigs on my new UK 1 at 14.5 mtrs, I set up a DC 17.4 in 5ft of water, where I planned to fish pellets and then I had one rig for 5mts which was a DC 17.3 for fishing meat and one margin rig which was a DC 17.1 in 2ft water.

I started on the bomb and caught 8 carp in the first hour on 8mm pellets dipped in the new Bait-Tech Juice, then for the next three hours, I picked off odd carp on the waggler, both shallow and at depth.

By this time my mate Dan White was catching shallow very well on the next peg, on 112. I fed Polony meat, 4 cubes at a time, at 5 mtrs until the last hour where I went in on it and started to catch carp and had 6 more carp up to 10lb, in the last hour.

I ended up with 110.05 lbs for 3rd overall in the match and my mate Dan on the next peg, 112, won for a place in the Fisho final.

Well done

Steve Tucker

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