Prebaiting Success!!

IMG_1706I’m a great believer that a little bit of bait trickled into your chosen spots will increase your chances of landing a fish or two.

Since the first of March I had planned out four spots that I decided to bait. Something I stumbled across with some poking around from the boat checking the bottom
out clearing any snags and giving a rake to clear the winter debris, which also stirs things up and the fish love it! Plus the other edge in the spots I had chosen is it’s not the same spots that all people would go for and probably never had been fished, something that I always think about “go against what everyone else is doing.”

Now I know some of you thinking baiting up for a month without fishing is expensive but this can be achieved without empting your wallet, little and often is all you need over the four spots, I only put in two scoops per spot every two days with a very simple mix of pellet, particle, boilie and some added oil to give it a boost. I always mix this up two days before to let everything soak in and in my shed I have two buckets on the go.

I managed to get four nights in having to juggle things with my 3yr old daughter for couple of day trips out and everything went to plan. The first night having one and losing one even tho in the morning I was dragging my heals, hate losing fish!!

Nothing happened during the day which did surprise me as the weather was spot on and I thought they would be on the munch. The second night produced a 21lb mirror and a common of 19lb which beat me up!

Another quiet day went pass and had to wait until first light for another common 18lb graced the net, the last night produced a stunning common of 17lb 12oz full of colour and the plan had worked.

Leigh Steele


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