Gary Miller’s first match of the year

IMG_0491Not having fished for several weeks Chris Vandervielt talked me in going to Cross Drove fishery on the Sunday open match.

This was to be my first visit of the year, reports said it had been fishing quite well, with the water being more coloured than usual after the stocking of some small F1’s. I met Chris in the morning and travelled together stopping for a bacon sandwich on the way. When we arrived there was a good turnout of 35 anglers not bad by today’s standards.

We had a quick walk around before the draw it had plenty of colour, Chris drew before me and pulled out peg 28 he wasn’t to happy but you never know at the drove as it can be won from any where, I drew peg 69 which was better with a 40lb weight off it the day before. It’s a nice looking peg with an island to the left with a big bush and a gap between the island and near bank opening into a bit of a bowl also some pads to the right at about 13m.

My plan was to start feeding maggots at 9m with a .4 gram rig with 0.16 main line and 0.14 hook length and 18 hook, but after 20 minutes no bites. So I started fishing over to the island, it was about 2 feet

deep, a .3 gram rig and 0.14 line and 18 hook and double maggot kinder potting 2mm carp and coarse pellets, this line wasn’t good either, just a small perch, so I went long down the edge feeding 2mm’s and fishing a 4mm Xpander on the hook. This produced 3 stockies in 3 puts then nothing again, so an hour gone and a pound in the net, back to the island and bang a 10lb carp and two brown goldfish in 15 minutes.

IMG_0493It was getting better, but it soon slowed up with just odd stockies an F1 and 2 more goldfish until I started big potting maggots and 2mm pellet down my left hand edge with 1 1/2 hours to go, this got me a response plus time of day and caught me 3 carp and 4 big F1’s to finish the match with 54lb 5oz and second place.

Chris struggled early like me but caught some late to weigh 32lb odd, so we caught some.


Tight lines Gary Miller

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