Phil Morton – Bait-Tech Debut

PMorfe 1I finally managed to get out in horrendous rain today after a few weeks of solid work. Some new bait arrived courtesy of Bait-Tech and what a revelation it’s been!

I’m sat typing this brief update up on the banks of a beautiful fishery in Sussex – targeting specimen Orfe and Tench on the bolt feeder.

After a slow start due to heavy rain and strong winds I braved the elements and upped the feed. I used the smallest sized spomb and mixed up a sloppy mix of Pro Natural Bream which has tons of semi buoyant particles creating a cloud effect in the water column.

I swapped over from my tried and tested maggot feeders to open ended models laced with the Tiger and Peanut method mix. I gave the mix a good helping of the new Bloodworm liquid additive and dipped the maggot hook baits in ‘The Juice’ to further boost their attraction.

Results were instant and a string of good Tench raised spirits and the sun even appeared.

PMorfe2The weather conditions continued to swing between torrential downpours with strong winds and glorious sunshine. The feeding patterns of the fish mimicked the weather – alternating between intense feeding, with multiple fish, and periods where the lake felt like it was totally devoid.

Regular recasting with a 30gram open ended cage feeder ensured a continuous stream of highly attractive cloud and smell lingered in the swim.

I’m certain the semi buoyant particles within the groundbait pull the nomadic Orfe down from the upper layers to the hook bait below.

Throughout the day I could make out the occasional glow, as an Orfe swam past, high up in the water column, before disappearing out of view. A bite often occurred moments later!

Regular recasting ensured a consistent run of fish throughout the day, culminating in 6 Orfe to 5lbs 8oz and a string of Tench, proving it’s not just the Orfe that love the Tiger and Peanut method mix!

Phil Morton

PMorfe 3

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