Top Tips for The Juice

TC F1 Match-55As more and more of our commercial fisheries demand the use of fishery own pellets getting any sort of edge over the other anglers becomes increasingly difficult to achieve. New for 2016 is the new Bait-Tech Juice additive this is just that edge I had been looking for perfect for a multitude of different bait applications and it works fantastically well for boosting those plain boring fishery pellets that are fed into every peg on commercial venues.

The liquid itself is a very thick consistency which can be adjusted for your preferred use and is extremely sweet which appeals to Carp, Bream, Tench and F1’s in particular seem to adore the stuff. For adding to feed pellets though the process is very simple to start with I add a decent blob of the Juice to a bait tub – you don’t need accurate measurements with this, during the testing of the product we tried to overdo it and still caught loads of fish so don’t panic!

TC F1 Match-56

All I do next is add a bit of water to the Juice and mix the two together to make a nice thick solution which looks slightly thicker than pure water. All that is left to do then is to pour the Juice into the feed pellets and mix it through the pellets leave for 10 minutes or so and they will be perfectly softened to be fed into your swim. If you pick a handful up and smell them you will soon smell the sweet juice liquid coming through!

TC F1 Match-59

This I feel genuinely gives you an edge over the other anglers who are feeding plain pellets – it might not be magic but I do feel it gets me a few extra bites over the course of 5 hours.

TC F1 Match-61

This is only one use for The Juice but it’s got an endless array of uses and is only limited by the imagination! When feeding Juiced up micros I have also added it to my Xpand pellets to compliment the feed and this I feel has been a bit of a revelation.

Pump and soak your Xpands as usual but don’t add water to store them in the bait tub instead add a small amount of the juice and mix it into the pellets to give them a coating not only does this give them an added amount of attraction it also coats the pellets and stops them drying out during the course of the day. In the past adding water to expanders has seen the pellet deteriorate during the day leaving you with pellets that are splitting and breaking down – The Juice has completely eradicated this problem and is something I will be continuing to employ going forward.

Whether you’re adding to pellets, smearing over a method feeder or adding to bread this is one additive that you simply must try!


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  1. Daz Aitken April 2, 2016 at 1:05 pm

    Hi. I can’t wait to try this in matches but I can not get hold of any in my area. (Warrington .Cheshire ) can you buy this on the Internet .
    Thanks .

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