Bait-Tech Sizzling Spicy Sausage!!

image1I get very excited by this high attract liquid so I’m strongly convinced the carp and bream must love it too. On my previous feeder session I added a good squirt to my soaked Micro Fishmeal Carp Pellets and the results were amazing!

The lake water was freezing cold so the key was to feed little but on a regular basis. So I used some small method feeders or small cage feeders and recast every 5 to 10 minutes. Even in these cold winter conditions you can achieve very good results by ringing the diner bell, and that doesn’t only apply for the carp boys.

Fish are also very wary in these conditions, so by changing hookbaits now and then you can surely catch them. Or just by using a lighter or heavier feeder, you can make that difference. Be active in your fishing, don’t take things for granted.

So yeah, I had a flying start on my new commercial adventure. I caught 29 carp and 2 bream. And how about this lump? A nice scaly mirror of about 15-17 pound caught on a 8mm Carp Pellet. All exciting stuff and true sport fishing with a soft Carpmaster feeder rod.

Kristof Verbeeck
Street Squad


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