Location, Location, Location

img_0011-2Fishing is all about choices, choosing the right rig, lead set up or even bait for the situation. But most importantly it’s the area or swim location. This was certainly the case last weekend for me on my Oxford syndicate.

I arrived at the lake at around 9:30am and had an idea of the area they may well be in, and after half an hour of just watching the water I noticed what I thought was a show, due to the amount of bird life on the lake it can be very hard to spot them at times. But after another few minutes I seen a tail brake the surface at around 60/70 yards, so I knew they were definitely in the area or at least a few were.

I know this area of the lake has a lot of weed through the summer and by looking in the margins I could see it had darkened off and was fairly low to the lake bed now, as you would imagine. I didn’t want to start leading around when I knew there were fish about so I opted for a naked chod set up which would lay down nicely over and debris on the bottom. This year my approach is boilie only and I was armed with a few kilo of the Poloni boilie and the new washed out Poloni pop ups which I’ve been adding the new Poloni glug to for a few weeks now.

img_0012-2I cast out all three rods at the range I’d seen the shows, I slackened off the fluorocarbon to make sure the baits were sat nicely and prayed for that important take. It didn’t take long at all, while I was busy finishing off setting up the swim my left hand rod pulled up tight and started clicking off line, I lifted into it and after a few minutes battle I had a scaley little low double in the net, result I was off the mark early. I put a fresh bait on and got the rod back in to the area followed by about half a kilo of Poloni to try and hold them for a while, I then got a few snaps off before slipping it back.

I popped the kettle on for a much earned coffee and sat back and watched the water, and it didn’t take long for number two, the middle rod was away and I was into another angry low double Unity carp. Same again the rod was back out with a fresh glugged Poloni pop up for good measure, and got a few more shots off of the lovely dark mirror. I sat back with a coffee and was pondering on the great start to the session when the left hand rod was off again, this was crazy I’d only been fishing a few hours and it was take number three. Instantly I could feel this fish was a better carp, it was holding out long and just plodding around on a tight line. After a few minutes I managed to get it in close at around 15 yards and then it all just locked up, oh no, it had found a snag of some sort and wasn’t moving an inch. After around 15 minutes of holding a firm line it happened, the line cut off, I was absolutely gutted as I’d seen the tail pop out and it looked a decent fish.

img_0013-2I couldn’t dwell on a lost carp as there was obviously fish about so I got the rod back out again and sat down to a hot brew. At around 5pm a crazy few minutes was about to kick off, the left hand rod was away and after a short dogeared fight I had a pretty double in the bottom of the net so I unhooked it and got the rod straight back out, before I had chance to lift the fish out of the water the middle rod was rattling off and after another great battle I had to land a cracking upper double with the other carp already sat waiting in the net, what a mental few hours I was having. So yet again the rod was put back in to the area with a fresh bait.

I took a few snaps and as I was letting the fish swim off I looked up to see the left hand rod was off again, wow!!! This was insane, after yet another great battle I had a very pretty 21.05lb dark linear in the net, and possibly one of the nicest fish I’ve ever caught.

By now the sun was dropping so I got some more shots off and got the fish safely back and added another kilo of Poloni out just before dark and settled down for a DVD before bed as it had been a long but brilliant day.

img_0014-2The rest of the session didn’t give me anymore action really, they had obviously found another place to hide in the 25 acres of Unity, but I could hardly be disappointed due to the day I’d had previously. The bailiff popped round for a chat and said to his knowledge he didn’t think another fish had been caught that weekend so it made it feel even more of a result.

I’m 100% sure that those glugged Bait-Tech Poloni pop ups were pulling the fish down from the upper layers as I had seen that tail brake the surface, they were obviously up in the water, in conjunction with taking my time and watching the water for signs had caught me those carp, that I have no doubt about.

“Get on the Poloni”

Until next time

Tight lines



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