Another Haul for Wayne Cox

12746418_725609900908737_970472149_nAfter checking the weather app on my phone and it showing we had some good weather coming in I decided to get back down to the linear guys syndicate where I recently had a good catch.

On turning up I realised that the swim I was in last time and had 12 fish from was vacant and I was left with the decision of weather carp would still be there or moved on.

After watching the water for a while I see no signs of any fish so I opted to go with the swim I was in before. I didn’t need to thrash the water with a marker as I had my spots written down in my book. So it was a case of clip up and get the baits out there.

I choose to fish two rods on hinged stiff rigs. One a matching colour Poloni pop up and the other a washed out white Poloni pop up that are available soon, and one on a normal blowback rig with a Poloni 14mm bottom bait.

Again at 100yds all rods went out nicely and I was very confident the rigs were bang on the spots, so 15 large spombs of hemp and Poloni boilie with added Poloni oil over the top it was now a waiting game.

12443922_725609064242154_1221240638_oThe time got to 4pm and the first rod ripped off it was my left hand rod, As soon as I lifted into the fish it kite’d left and pulled around some overhanging trees and had locked up in front of the swim next door! I quickly put my waders on and walked along the margin as I knew it was quite firm on the bottom, as I got the rod on top of the fish she came free and I slipped the net under her! It was a mirror of 23lb nailed on the hinged rig on the washed out white Poloni popup.

It was a lovely looking fish that gave me a right run around and was worth the trouble.

The rod was back on the spot and at around 10pm I had a nice little 15lb mirror this time on the 14mm Poloni bottom bait. Just before dark I topped up with another 5 spomb’s of bait ready for the night ahead.

The night went by with no action and a good nights sleep. Then at around 9;30am the left hand rod again ripped off! This fish turned out to be a 22lb mirror on the white washed out Poloni popup.

12752218_725609050908822_1599834731_oAfter getting the rod back on the money and a cup of tea later it was 10:45am and the right hand rod was off after a short battle I slipped the net under what was a 20lb mirror this time on the matching colour Poloni popup. I introduced another 5 spomb’s of bait out to top the swim up.

The rest of the day went by and nothing. I decided not to recast before dark as I was confident in the rigs and was more than confident with the buoyancy of the Poloni pop ups and knew they were sat right.

I also decided on not putting anymore bait out as I felt there was still enough out there. Morning came and at 8am I was woken to a screamer which was an 18lb mirror on the bottom bait rig. It was a very quiet day until 5pm when I landed a 19lb mirror again on the Poloni bottom bait. I got the rod back out and sat and wondered to myself where the bigger fish could be?

At first light I had another 2 fish both mirrors one at 18lb and the other at 20lb both on the matching Poloni pop up on the hinged stiff rig. That was it time to pack up! Although I didn’t have any of the bigger fish I was over the moon with the 8 carp that I had and was very pleased with the Poloni boilies and pop ups, this was the first time out using these and I will defiantly be sticking with them.

Lets hope my good run continues!

Wayne Cox

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