Kev Horton’s Pop-up Rig

img_0006As many other anglers I’m a massive fan of particle baits and can be devastating and have seen the undoing of many a carp. There are times when I’m never 100% confident on exactly how clean my chosen spot is, in this case I prefer to use a pop up rig.

I don’t want the rig to be too high off the bottom as the carp will be feeding tight to the lake bed on my free offerings. So I thought I’d run you through my favourite pop up rig for fishing this situation. First off I take around 12 inches of a stiff coated hook link and strip 2/3 inches of the coating away.

Then I take a curve shank hook and tie a standard knotless knot leaving around 20mm of striped section beneath the hook, I then trim off the tag end which would normally be the hair. Then I take 10/15mm of silicone shrink tubing and slide it over the knot to tidy things up and help the hook flip and turn.

Once I’ve done that I add a hook swivel onto my hook for attaching my chosen bait onto, then a hook bead to help keep it in place. I tie a figure of eight loop at the other end and slide on an anti tangle sleeve so I can use a quick change swivel to help change rigs simply.

Last but certainly not least I take a quick change pop up weight and add it around 5/10mm beneath the hook, I never critically balance the rig as I don’t want the baits wafting around due to the carp feeding hard on the area.

I like to keep my rigs simple but very effective and this one is no different, and I’ve caught plenty of fish on it so give it a go.

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  1. Rod Hart March 20, 2016 at 1:07 pm

    Yes a good rig, however fished anything up to three to four inches of the bottom it will tend to pick out the larger Carp and miss the smaller ones. I think Elliott Grey/Gray made a good point a while ago on this when he said ” It only catches big fish” low and behold it did, the camera showed the smaller fish were wary because it was so high of the lake bed and to a big carp it appeared to be on the bottom.

    All the Best

    Rod Hart


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