Champagne Common – David Dauchy

Having received an invitation from my longtime friend Ludovic Renaud for a fishing session in his region: la Champagne.

It is with pleasure that I of course accepted this road trip in Champagne. Knowing the fisheries potential in the region and especially where we will cast the lines for these few days, the desire to fight was stronger and I set off one day before the session was to commence.

It goes through me a sweet secret dream deep in me, the one to land a big, long common. You have all felt this feeling _1030527that something will happen, it will happen. The worst is that I am still on the highway when this feeling is going through me, I still have chills thinking about it.

I am finally there and I discovered this land in the woods. It is a water with several islands. To make it simple we will have about 1 hectare and a half to exploit everyone, I no longer dream, I am living it. Besides the weather is great sunshine and also with the wind blowing in the direction of the bay that I would be fishing, I feel something could happen on this session.

I needed to have a look around and seek out any likely looking spots in the bay but I don’t know where to turn, there are hot spots everywhere but I this only drives me to seek the edge. I decided to start light with the baiting approach while fishing in that spot with a handful of bait and a couple of shovels particles.

DSC_0334I do not change confidence in the PRO XM, 1.50 Cam free leader in brown, a classic clip lead, a lead bolt 4 oz (112grs), and especially a low line of about 25 / 30 cm ultra-brown skin sheathed braid 25 lbs, all mounted on classic knotless knot on a continental cover Mugga hook size 6, I then placed a snowman. Simplicity is often synonymous with efficiency, we tend to forget.

24 hours in and nothing is home so nothing is changed with regards to my approach. While my friend Ludovic Renaud swim was producing fish, nothing is happening to me, I spend my time to the net and photograph these fish. Nothing wrong with that but I came to catch a few fish too !!

I begin to doubt but I know my spots are clean and conducive to having the passage of fish. Then a crazy idea crossed my mind and decided to completely change strategy. I’ll have a heavy hand or even very heavy on my spots. I then load a bucket of 5 liters of particles (for bird mixture, ground tigers) and I added about 30 balls crushed and so complete.

Although the fishing was proving to be difficult I recorded a strong start in the 2nd night with a maniac common that ran me all over the place. The session was successful and I again this feeling running through me and makes me think of a common but a whole lot bigger.

I dropped some more bait into the swim and recast the rods, with that feeling still whirring around my mind, it just had to happen soon. There are some beeps to wake me in the morning, then followed by a rip roaring run.

I jump out and run to the rods I’m in shorts and T-shirt and made me ruin the forearm by a run of the most powerful. The fish snags and plays with my nerves. I’m thrilled and can not stop thinking that resentment to come and if it was a big fish or not?

I am confident and after yet another rush I slip into my Out Reach net a large whitish mass. A little quick front kick and scream pierces the absolute tranquility around me. That’s not true, I had felt, it’s a big carp and what is more its a common. I was up soon getting everything ready to take pictures while the fish rested in the retainer.

21.02kg of muscle
I’m getting hot water for a cup of tea to calm me but mostly I’m excited because I have the feeling of having accomplished something weird like it was written beforehand – The feeling had become reality.

With a broad smile as I hit the road to head home to the family with the feeling of elation.

It’s sessions like this that we all dream of and is what keeps us searching for the unknown!

David Dauchy
Carp Team

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