3x 30’s for Wayne Cox

image8So after working my weekend night shift I was on the road heading for my local syndicate. After letting myself in the gates I soon bumped into the head bailiff whom I stopped and had a chat with for a while as I watched the lake for any early signs for me to go on.

I was there for around an hour just watching in hope to see a show and I had seen nothing! Just as I was about to leave and take a look around another lake a carp rolled in the swim next door to the bailiff  at around 100yards. I looked to see if it was occupied and it was but after talking to the guy in the swim who’d had nothing said he was going in a couple of hours, I waited in the car park for the swim to come vacant and unloaded the gear.

I cast out a bare lead on my marker rod about 3 times to try not to spook any fish that were there and quickly found a nice firm silt area at 100yards and it was big enough to stick three rigs on at around three foot apart. I soon had all three rods out and was really happy how they went out they were all fished blowback style with a Gardner super soft ultra skin hooklink in 15lb silt and a size 6 covert mugga hook with two pieces of the baittech incredible edible popups in sweet coconut that were soaked in a few drops of betalin and finished off with a tiny shot on the hair to balance it all out.

Over the top of the spot I put out 15 spombs of Super Seed Hemp and corn spread across the three rods. The day went by with nothing else showing and not so much as a bleep on the alarms.

image7The light dropped at around 5pm and the wind picked up quite strong off the back of me which I knew was coming after checking the weather the day before. The night passed and it was soon 6am when my left hand rod ripped off, after a nice little battle I slipped the net under a lovely mirror! Literally as soon as that went in the net my middle rod took off!! I lifted into the fish and knew straight away it was a decent fish as I was getting that slow pulling and thudding whilst playing the fish. In no time I had it in my second net!

I was buzzing two fish one after the other and one looked a chunk.

As I was getting sorted and preparing to weigh the fish I had the one and only rod I had left in the water pulled up tight after a short fight I had to land this fish in a net that already had a fish init…..”madness” I now had three to weigh and photo. The first was a 24lb mirror the second that felt a good fish turned out to be my first thirty of the year at 31lb 4oz, I was made up! And the third fish was a lovely 19lb mirror.

image1-5I recast all three rods back to the spot and topped up with another 10 spombs, a couple of hours later around 8am I had another take which resulted in a 19lb 6oz mirror, I felt there was still enough bait out there so recast the rod back out, the morning went by with no more takes until around 12:30 in the afternoon when my right hand rod was off, this turned out to be a little scaley 15lb mirror that was very welcome. I topped up my swim with another 5 spombs of bait.

After a very windy night at 5am I had a common at 25lb and then thirty mins later had a 23lb 4oz mirror, after these two fish I decided to not put any spombs of bait over the top to see whether the bites would come any sooner but the day went by with no action at all, 3pm came and I knew I only had a while before the light went so I put out this time another 15 spombs ready for the night ahead. At 7:15pm my left hand was off again and I was soon into battle with a good fish! After being took down the left and right hand margins she soon tired and I slipped the net under her, I lifted the net out the water and knew straight away it was a heavy fish! I popped her on the scales and the needle went and settled on 36lb 08oz mirror.

image4I was absolutely chuffed to bits it was a great fish! I was having a great session and it was my second thirty of the year on my first trip! I was made up. I got the rod back out on the spot put another 5 spombs back out then headed to the bivvy where I sat with a big grin, the night went by with no other action and at first light I was watching the water but saw nothing!

After a nice cuppa and watching the water it was around 9:30am and again I was back in action this time another little 15lb mirror. I left this rod out for a bit as I felt there was a good chance of another bite and didn’t wanna spook the spot with a new cast. It was around 12 in the afternoon nothing else had happened and I decided to re do all three rods and again introduced another 15 spombs of bait the rest of that day and night nothing happened, but then at around 9am it had happened again it was like clockwork I had one after the other on each rod! So again had 3 fish to weigh! The first a 22lb 4oz mirror the second a 24lb 10oz mirror and would u believe it another thirty at 35lb 7oz I could not believe it what a absolute session 12 fish In total and x3 thirtys!!.

Just that one show at the beginning of the session and a bit of time looking is what made this session happen! And as quickly as it ended I can’t wait to get back!




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