The Humble Slice!

CFA Tony Curd Dobbing-38. One bait that has come to the fore that is sure to provide a few bites when all else is failing you is the humble slice of bread!

Visual, soft and effortless to eat this bait accounts for loads of wins during the colder months, but is there more to it than pulling it straight from the bag?

I’ve been having a play around with coloured and flavoured breads recently and they’ve certainly proved effective, even just as a change of hook bait to nick those extra bites during a match. The first one I’ve been using is a Bait-Tech Sweet Coconut liquid; this is without a doubt the one when the fishing is tough, leaving a little milky cloud seeping from the bait which can give you an edge over those who are presenting a standard piece of punch. Similarly – should the water be a bit more coloured, or you’re fishing in deeper water a piece of bread coloured with some Bait-Tech Predator Plus liquid has proved to be a fantastic twist on a pretty standard approach, the beauty of the Predator Plus is that it will keep its colour for a long time and looks fantastic when the bread is fully expanded in water which again can be irresistible to cold water carp.

CFA Tony Curd Dobbing-36To prepare the flavoured or coloured baits it couldn’t be easier! Simply remove the crusts from a slice of bread, roll it with a rolling pin and add a small amount of your chosen liquid onto the slice, spread this evenly and allow it to soak for around 10 minutes, turn the slice over, repeat the process and cut the slice in half. Pop it in a bag in the fridge overnight and by the time you’re ready to fish with it you’ll have perfectly prepared hook bait which isn’t sloppy or ruined by adding a liquid to it.

This is a great little edge which I know has got me a few extra bites from wary fish that have seen it all before – give it a try!

Tony Curd

CFA Tony Curd Dobbing-53

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