11 Carp for Kev on the Poloni!!

dsc_0039As any angler I’m always keeping my eyes on the weather for any type of window of opportunity even more so in the winter, and the week prior I noticed a warm front coming in. But as most I’ve a very busy life but knew I needed to find time to hit the bank for that winter chunk.

As my syndicate was still partially closed due to the flooding and only having two nights to my disposal I started looking for more of a local water to help me in my quest.

I had a chat with a mate and he suggested that Blackthorn fishery a small 4 acre lake situated in the beautiful north Shropshire countryside was the one for me, So I called Charlie the owner and there were spaces available and after paying my deposit via the website that was that, I was booked on and feeling very excited.

I arrived at the lake at around 8am Friday morning and instantly noticed one side of the lake was on the back of the wind and would of been for a few days and also it gave me an open water option if needed, so I barrowed my gear round.

Now as this lake is much smaller than I’m used to down Oxford I wanted to keep things as quiet as possible as I’m sure the carp know exactly where the anglers are so I decided on helicopter rigs with a light 2.5oz lead on each rod with a simple pop up rig consisting of Fox camotex stiff hooklink and a size 5 SSBP hook on each rod. I broke around an inch of the coating away to give it a hinge but also wanted it kept low to the deck and weighted it down with a BB shot so it wouldn’t waft around too much with fish activity over the top and always ensure it would be pinned down to the lake bed.

I decided to fish a smooth area at around 40 odd yards distance and fished all 3 rods two foot apart, As for bait I opted for crushed, half and whole Poloni boilie which I had soaked in the Bait-Tech liquid worm 24 hours earlier. On the business end I used small washed out white Poloni pop-ups which we are testing and are due for release later this year.

dsc_0006I started with 5 small impact spods over the top and sat back for a much needed coffee and the first bite didn’t take long. After around 20/30 minutes the left hand bobbin pulled up tight and I was away and after a few minutes tussle a pretty low double was in my net and I was chuffed to be off the mark so early.

I got the rod back on the spot and added 2 more impact spods over the top and got the kettle back on. I didn’t have to wait long for the next take either and at around 2:30pm the middle bobbin slowly lifted to the top and just stayed there so I lifted in to it and could instantly tell it was a better fish. It stayed out and just plodded around for a few minutes then as I got it in closer it really showed its weight by diving under my other lines and throwing up massive boils of water and really put up an epic battle. I finally tired him out and slid the net under my prize, a stunning 30.14lb mirror carp known as “The Warrior” as you can guess I was absolutely over the moon, So I got a few snaps off and let him get back to his watery home.

Through that evening I managed to add another 3 upper doubles to my tally but from midnight onwards it was fairly quiet which meant I could get some much needed sleep, and then at around 6:30am the rod was away again and that made it 6 carp in my first 24 hours which was crazy for a usually pretty hard lake that may only throw up a few fish a weekend so the owner Charlie told me.

dsc_0057-2Well its safe to say I was more than happy to upset the apple cart this weekend. It went quiet through the second day up until the late afternoon which seemed to be a fairly active feeding time for this weekend, and at 3pm the rod was away again and after a great tussle I had a lovely low 20 in the net. Charlie and Baliff Andy popped round to see the catch and take some snaps. As we had a good old chat about all things carpy my other rod was away and after a great fight and a few in action shots from the owner I bagged another cracking upper double it was definitely one of those red letter days.

That evening I managed another 2 upper doubles before settling down to a well deserved curry and a DVD before bed. My last and eleventh take come at 7:30am and delivered me a lovely upper double linear for good measure. Well what a January session I knew there was a chance of a fish or two but not 14 takes and 11 carp landed in 48 hours on a normally very moody lake, my fish totals finished as follows:

13lb mirror, 30.14lb mirror, 15.08lb mirror, 18.13lb common, 16.02lb common, 19.10lb mirror, 22.14lb mirror, 18.04lb mirror, 15.01lb mirror, 19.09lb mirror, 16.08lb mirror……….get on the Poloni 🙂

I’d like to finish by saying a massive thanks to Charlie for his hospitality and the obvious hard work his put in to make the fishery as pristine and well kept as it is and if anyone’s after a peaceful lake with beautiful views you can’t go far wrong with Blackthorn fishery I will certainly be heading back sometime soon.

Until next time

Tight lines

Kev 🙂




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