These January Carp couldn’t resist the New Bait-Tech Bloodworm Liquid

IMG_1626I was lucky enough to get a couple of trips in early Jan before heading back to work after the xmas break, keeping an eye on the lake I intended to fish over the holiday period. I knew where some of the fish were holding up, on the far margin with a little bit of over hang from the trees and a shallow bay tucked away from the wind it looked and felt perfect.

I was given a bottle of Bloodworm liquid as this was something Bait-Tech was looking to bring out and was thinking how I could use this in my fishing?? I tried a couple of things which I didn’t feel was right but was more than happy to coat the Bait-Tech Xpand pellets in the Bloodworm and let them soak it in. I would do this 24hrs before fishing and then add some more on the day, which then gives you some instant attraction and then as the pellet dissolves and break down more leakage would enter into the swim.

IMG_1624Being this time of year I really cut back on the bait on offer and just fish for a bite instead of putting some bait in and building a swim to get more fish. The tactic I use is really simple but works and I have 100% faith in this. Take some of the pellets and make a small PVA mesh stick which I pull the hair threw and fish a single Poloni boilie.

After getting the rods out watching the water for any signs of fish feeding all ready to move and recast a rod if needed, the ducks were being a pain on my left rod thinking they was ruining any chance of a take up goes the indicator slow and steady as a duck pops up thinking the worst picking the rod up only to be surprised the duck wasn’t fighting! First fish of the year was on and after a short fight a lovely mirror rolled into the net.

IMG_1598Leaving that to recover in the net I quickly got the rod out again. Two hrs after the first fish the same rod goes again only this time a bow wave and the bent rod this fish was having it and after a good fight another mirror rolled into the net, now I knew I had my first twenty of the year on the scales at 24LB happy days.

Until next time tight lines.

Leigh Steele

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