Richard Handel Devastating Ground Bait Mix

P1-2I am a lover of groundbait for carp fishing and since being part of Bait-Tech, I have been like a kid in a sweetie shop (with all these great products).  Bait-Tech’s background is match fishing and even from my early days of carp fishing, I have over the years, learned a lot of very useful information from match anglers.  An area that modern day carp angler’s perhaps don’t bother with (for some reason),  fools I would say.

Below is the mix that I have been using for my night session’s over the past year.  I don’t tend to use ground bait in my short sessions, as there is a possibility of disturbing the fish, which do come back,  however I may have gone home by the time they return.

I use a blend of three ground baits, Poloni, Sweet Coconut Big Carp Method mix with a bit Envy Method mix.

P5-2I also tend to add an assortment of other bits and peace’s, sweetcorn, Chill Tiger Nuts, chick peas and also some micro pellets.  I always add the juice as well as this helps with the mixing.


You can use any oil you fancy and any amount depending on the attraction level you are looking for.  I use a mix of Hemp & Krill & Tuna Oil.

I always use equal portions as if you feel it’s not right or the mix is not sticky enough, it’s easy to alter things.

These are the steps I follow below to make the perfect mix!

P6Always mix the ground baits together well, as you need make sure each ingredient is spread over the whole mix.

Then I add an equal amount of the micro pellets

I always add a whole bag of the Bait-tech Super Seed Parti mix for extra added attraction

Then mix together well

Add the tiger nuts

Add the desired amount of Hemp oil

Add the same for the Krill and Tuna oil

And give the thing good mix together

P13-2It may be dry at first and you may need to add more liquid or water.

If the mix is to wet I have a bucket filled with all 3 ground baits that I can add until the mix is perfect.

Get your bucket’s and scoop’s ready for the next time.

I always bag my groundbait up in used poloni boilies bags and then put them into the freezer until I need them.  I find that making a job lot in the garden, every so often is much better than a rush job the day before.

All bagged up and ready for the next night out.

P15Hope this is a help.


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