Final Carp of 2015

DSC_5261-01With the arrival of my second child merely a few weeks away, I decided to head out for one last day session, with the hope of catching my final carp of 2015. The venue I chose was a local club water and being relatively well stocked, there’s always the chance of a bite, even in the colder months.

Upon arrival, I stood in the swim nearest to the car park to see if I could see any signs of activity. Nothing was showing, but I did notice that the far corner was sheltered from the cold easterly wind that was pushing across the rest of the lake. I had done well from that area on previous winter trips, as the swim is adjacent to a deep marginal area with a large snag tree, making it the perfect area to hold carp in the cooler temperatures.

DSC_5218-01Tactic wise, I decided to keep things pretty simple and use only Poloni boilies. One rod was fished tight up to the snag tree, whilst the other in open water. The hookbaits were both items that are currently going through the testing process at Bait-Tech, with one rod fished with a washed out pink Poloni pop up and the other on a Poloni wafter. Both rods had a small PVA bag of boilie crumb nicked onto the hook and were fished over a small scattering of 14mm Poloni boilies.

With both rods out, I flicked the kettle on and sat down to enjoy my first brew of the day. However, the kettle didn’t even have chance to boil before the rod fished to the snag tree was away. A short battle followed and I soon had a small common in the net.

With the fish quickly returned, the rod was cast back out to the snag hopeful of some more action. However, as the morning passed, no more action came my way and I was soon thinking about a move.

DSC_5222-01The cold wind had swung northerly and my area of the lake now felt bitterly cold. The whole bank was also in complete shade but in contrast, the opposed bank was flat calm and full sunshine. It was an area that looked more comfortable for me, so I assumed that the carp would be thinking the same. It was also the swim closest to the car park which meant I could load some of my gear back in the car, allowing me to leave the rods out for the maximum amount of time.

I kept the tactics exactly the same, although this time, one rod was fished to a dying reed bed and the other in open water. The rod fished to the reeds had only been in the water for a couple of minutes before it rattled off. The short fight was soon over and I had another common in the net. This one was slightly bigger, maybe scraper double and as I held it up for the camera, it shone gold in the low winter sun.

After receiving the bite so quickly, I was confident that I would get another chance throughout the afternoon, but unfortunately that bite was the last for the day. By the time it was late afternoon, the temperature had dropped and darkness fell quickly, so it was time to call it a day. Any fish caught this late in the year is welcome and it was a nice way to cap off the year.

I did manage to get some of the day on film, so please keep a look out on the Bait-Tech Youtube channel.

James Conway


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