A Bite When You Least Expect It!!

photo 2This trip I have moved back to another swim, I think it may get the sunshine slightly better first thing in the morning.  It’s a bit hit and miss at the moment, as this is only my first year on the lake and I need to work out which part of this bank produces more fish over the winter months.

This swim is just a perfect spot.  It has a nice overhanging branch with a U shape that you can drop your bait under.

Quite like this photo, directly taken into the sun and with no effects used.

For my first take of the day, I was rewarded with a fish stuck in the snag, after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, and sitting and waiting, after 30 minutes I had a nice fat branch to show for my efforts.  So time for a move and by just after 11 am, I was back in the same swim as my last trip – hopefully with a better result.  I never had a chance to feel the fish because as soon as the rod hooped round and I pulled into it, it was already locked solid.

Coffee time and some reflection.

Not my day at the moment, just had a tench of about 6 lb.  I was going to move, however decided to stay put for the last hour & a half and see what happens.

Well as time draws closer to packing up, I was typing this blog and the rod hoops over in the rest.  I have the clutch done up tight, there is a single bleep as I grab the rod and sink the tip under the water.  I pull the fish gently out from under the overhanging trees (no tench this time), it was a nice fat 21 lb 4 oz common.

It just proves that anything can happen in the last few minutes.

Till next time

photo 4

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