The Forgotten Margins

p1-2Over the next couple of trips I will be concentrating on the margin snags.  I heard the other night a few fish along that bank and I feel it’s time to have another go.

All very close quarters fishing and an amazing adrenaline rush when you get a take, let’s hope so.

After about an hour, the rod bust into life with a very unhappy carp attached.  It was doing its best to gain some ground and get back under the trees and there was no way was I letting that happen.  After a few bids for freedom from the fish, which included a pretty big attempt that nearly had the fish out in the main lake  which would have been a disaster, as the trees stick out about 30 ft or so and I’m not sure if the fish would have got itself round the tip of the trees.  Once under a bit more control, the fish just plodded under the rod tip in the deep margins until it finally slipped over the cord.


27 lb 6oz of stunning Mirror Carp.

Once all the photos and videos had been done and with 3 hour’s still to go, I moved onto my next swim which was some 40 yards down the bank.

This swim has had a well needed haircut.

I used the same tactics as before, a few handfuls of chopped up Bait-tech Poloni Boilies with a 14 mm pop up and a small Godman Angling mesh bag filled with Bait-Tech’s Spod and PVA micro pellet – my new stick mix.

Unfortunately, that was the only fish of the day, but who cares?  It was a beauty.

Until next time


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