Washing Out Boilies

Wash out 2-2Most of my angling these days is quick overnighters, so I try to use as many little tricks as possible to help me get a quick bite.

Washing out my boilies is one of these edges that I have great faith in. Many people believe that the reason they work so well is because they look like they have been in the lake for a long period of time and therefore appear safe to the carp. Another theory is that as they become softer, the carp find them easier to digest and in turn are able to eat more of them.

Wash out 1-2Another reason and one that I strongly believe in, is that they let out much more attraction than a standard ‘dry’ boilie. The way I look at, if you were to put a dry sponge in the water, to start off with it will only be drawing water in. Whereas if it was to be wet already, there will be no more room to absorb any more liquid and I think that the same happens with boilies. For the first few hours that dry boilies are in the water, they will be drawing in the lake water and nasty smelling odours from the lake bed, but if they are all ready soaked when introduced, then they will be leaking out more flavours and attractors from the off.

Wash out 3-2One misconception that some people have is that by washing the baits out, you are washing out the attractors, but in fact it’s a great way of putting even more attraction in.

Here’s a quick run down of how I wash out my boilies and give them even more pulling power in the process.

Firstly put the required amount of boilies in a bucket – I always have a mix of 14mm and 18mm boilies, with some whole, some halved and some chopped. I then pour in enough water to almost fully cover the boilies. Lake water is best for this, but failing that, bottled spring water will do as it doesn’t contain any of the chemicals that are found in normal tap water. It’s even better if you can boil the water and pour it on hot, as it really helps to speed the process up. To this, add around a third of a bag of Bait Tech’s pure Fishmeal powder and half a bottle of any liquid attractor of your choice. Oil’s work well, but I prefer using a food type liquid with my personal favourite being Corn Steep Liquor.

Wash out 4-3Give the whole lot a good mix to fully dissolve all of the fishmeal powder and then leave in a sealed bucket for a day or two, stirring/shaking occasionally. After this, you will find that most, if not all of the liquid would have now been drawn into the baits and at this stage they are ready to use. They will now be lighter in appearance, with a swollen look and the texture will be much softer too. One thing to bare this in mind is that you will not be able to put them out in a throwing stick as they’ll be too soft and will most definitely split. If there is any liquid left in the bucket, it can be drained away and added to spod mixes or groundbait, but generally, I just keep the boilies in the liquid throughout my trip.

This method a fantastic way of improving the attraction of your boilies and hardly takes any effort at all, just a couple of days of pre-planning prior to your trip.

James Conway.

Wash out 5-2


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