Kevin Horton Straight Into Action On The Poloni!!

DSC_0020After a very busy few weeks with work, i managed to grab 3 nights bank time and i was more than keen to get the rods out.

Friday lunchtime and the van was loaded ready for the 2 hour drive over to Oxford, I’m currently fishing the Linear Guys syndicate. I have been concentrating on the middle of the 3 lakes called unity but while on the journey down south, I received a phone call off another member who mentioned that One of the other lakes (yeomans), was looking good for a bite and fancied a change of scenery so I headed over there.

Arriving quite late and the dark beginning to set in, I had a quick walk around and decided to fish a swim called “The reeds” as the SW wind was pumping in there. It looked the decent option to set up camp, i’ve fished it before so knew of a nice clear area at around 58 yards, this was gonna be my main spot for two of the rods and then a margin rod onto a very firm area, which has done me fish previously.

DSC_0029A day earlier i had nipped in to my local tackle shop (Total Angling) to collect some maggots for my mix, to which I added the Bait-Tech test liquid for the perfect match. Glugging the maggots for 24hrs prior to my trip for a little edge.

My mix for this session consisted of,
– Bait-Tech Scopex Corn
– Super Seed Hemp
– 14mm Poloni Boilies
– Red maggots (soaked in test liquid)

To start with I spombed out 15 spombs onto my main spot and with two of my rods I fished solid bags. 4″ supple braided rig with a Fox SSC size 7 hook and a Poloni pop up at the business end. The margin rod was cast out with a Poloni 14mm pop up on a fluorocarbon stiff hinge rig and a hand full of freebies for good measure over the top.

DSC_0031Happy with the rigs in place I settled in for the night with a dvd (breaking bad box set) and a brew. 12pm came and the middle rod ripped off and after a scrappy fight i landed a mid double mirror. First night and a fish on the bank so early on, this filled me with confidence for the remainder of the session. With the fish safely put back I returned to the bivvy to get some sleep. During the night i had another three takes, two which i lost to hook pulls and thankfully the third after a real tussle, which wiped my other 2 rods out i slid the net under a lovely 24.01lb mirror.

The next morning came and pondering over a coffee I kept thinking of the lost fish as any fisherman does. I thought a change to my rig was in order and I decided to up the Fox SSC size 7 hooks to a size 5 and to use a heavier inline lead to help drive those hooks home.

The day came and went without any action at all, up until i was just about to tuck into my chicken tikka masala (always the way). The margin rod doubled round and I was hooked into another  low double. I unhooked the rig and let it swim straight back as I had a curry to take care of. Later into night i was rudely awoken by a green slimy thing which was unhooked as quick as possible and the rod cast straight back out onto the spot, hoping it was gonna be a carp next time.

DSC_0014Sunday soon came and was also very uneventful, so as evening approached i added another 12 spombs on to my spot, hoping it got a response and it didnt take long at all. At around 10pm the middle rod gave that usual solid bag take, a single beep then absolute melt down. After a great fight i netted mirror number 4 at the weight of 18lb 5oz by this time I was feeling pretty confident as I could hear a few fish crashing out in the lake. Throughout the night i landed another 2 mirrors of 19lb 8oz, 19lb 12oz. 7am came and as I was just popping the kettle on the Left hand rod took off and after a great battle I netted a clean 20lb 2oz mirror which was a lovely end to another successful trip down south.

Its safe to say i was over the moon to have banked 7 carp at this time of year, and equally as pleased to get off to a great start being part of the Bait-tech team 🙂

For those who would like to know what my bag mix consisted of:
– Bait-Techs spod & pva micro pellet mix
– Poloni groundbait
– Fishmeal, Salmon fry crumb
Also adding Polony, krill & tuna and hemp oils and letting them soak in over time till dry.

Till next time
tight lines
Kev ?


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