Do you ever fish particles on the hook? If so how do you do this? If not, why?


Do you ever fish particles on the hook? If so how do you do this? If not, why?



In my carp fishing I use a lot of particle baits on their own or in conjunction with boilie ground baits or pellet. At Bait-Tech we have an extensive range of ready prepared and perfectly cooked ready to fish particles including all the popular baits from standard hemp through to chilli tigers. The big question is what would come under the title of particles? Most people I would say would call particles some sort of seed bait whereas I would class virtually any bait including pellet and even 10mm boilies to be a particle bait. By definition the word particle would suggest an amount of small food items.

20150413_134128In my experience fishing a particle approach, the most successful method is to mix various particles of different sizes. I would also go to the extreme of blending around 1/3 of my required amount of bait to virtually nothing but stodge and I find that ready prepared coloured and flavoured maze is excellent to do this. It produces a very starchy substance that gives off a massive visual and aromatic cloud emitting from the baited area and due to the mix of different size baits it makes it incredibly hard for a carp to pick out your hook bait.

simple peanut rigIn answer to the question as to whether I would fish particle on the hook the answer would definitely be yes and is a great way of catching out some more wary carp on hard fished waters especially when fishing alongside boilies. I believe particles seem to be approached with less caution than say boilies of 14mm and upwards and have visually witnessed carp picking round the boilies clearing up the smaller food items first.

How I would present my hook bait would be a subtle as possible I would generally use a small hook in conjunction with a short flouro carbon hook link baited with either one or two grains of maze or half a tiger nut or split peanut, basically anything small and inconspicuous amongst a bed of bait. I would also like to mention peanuts, these would have to be one of the all time great carp catchers and they definitely do not require presenting with any other particle and other than making sure they are 100% properly prepared require no additional colours flavours or any interference with the raw product as long as they are as fresh as you can source. Fresh peanuts are far more effective, their oil content is truly amazing and in the warmer months the results can be nothing short of spectacular and is a bait where the more you use the better the result and again a single whole peanut or two halves fished on a standard bottom bait rig would be my preferred presentation.

So in conclusion yes to fishing particles as hook baits – a great method for me both in the past and the future.

Be lucky
Rob Nunn



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