A Little Adventure To Monument 2

This adventure all started back at Carp In The Park when I was helping out on the stand. Ian Hirst came over and kindly invited me to fish Monument 2 with him and his son Joe.

I was instantly buzzing like a school kid. I set off to Monument 2 at 1am after trying to sleep but it was just impossible with the excitement. The car was already loaded so I set off on the 130mile journey from Stevenage, which was showing to take 2 hours 20 mins.

I didn’t want to drive the entire distance in one hit so with the first signs of tiredness I decided to pull into Chorley services where I’d grab a few hours sleep in the car.

I awoke at just past 5am and reset the sat nav to show I was just over 45 mins away from the lake. I excitedly ran into the coffee shop and grabbed a much needed latte and then headed off along the m6 towards Shifnal.

Suddenly the sat nav announced you’ve arrived at your destination. In the headlights a sign for RH fisheries Monument 2, now the adrenaline was really flowing.

I drove down to the office and checked in with Alex who was the fishery manager, instantly making me feel welcome I asked how the lake had been fishing with the confident answers filling my ears I’m was itching to get set up.

Fwd_ Monument 2 RH fisheries with Ian Hirst-3With strict rules on bait and only being able to use their own boilies I was to be honest a little knocked with confidence having grown to bond with the Poloni boilies and have the upmost faith in them I was advised on the lakes popular boilie which I reluctantly purchased wishing it was a bag of the Poloni. Along with 6 kilos of hemp and maize I was soon back at the car loading my carp porter when as per normal Mother Nature opened the heavens up and my God did it rain it was simply seconds and I was soaked not having time to grab my water proofs I just loaded up and got on with the walk to swim 5.

I’d soon set up my new mk2 Fox Supa brolly and as soon as camp Bait-Tech was established the rods were set up both fishing maize with a pop up sweet corn edibles of the Bait-Tech range tipping the baits off.

The wind was absolutely smashing into my corner and I’d already decided to fish the margins to my right, I walked along the bank with New purple Bait-Tech buckets which held the hemp and maize in one In one and pellets from the bait range which had been soaked for 3 days in poloni oil in the other.

I baited up using a bait spoon on a 4 meter pole…

With my rigs tied using Gardner Mugga hooks size 6 with short hairs using ESP arma braid I lowered into position close together using my bait spoon, again and delivered a few scoops of hemp maize and pellets over them.

The weather was dismal as I sat back making a brew trying to restore body heat, just sat admiring monument 2 during the ever lasting rain. I was just checking the weather update and as I looked up and said go on rip off whilst staring at the rods the right bobbin gained altitude like a jet on full afterburner and the fox ntxrs erupted producing music to my ears.

I leapt from the bivvy and lifted into a Monument carp in a rain storm from hell, still without waterproofs but hell to the rain I had a carp on.

Ian’s Son Joe came over to assist me, which was great. With the carp fighting hard it was 5mins before she appeared and what a beauty as she neared the net held by Joe I was secretly preying stayon stay on please stay on, I’m sure we all prey during those critical moments.

Fwd_ Monument 2 RH fisheries with Ian Hirst-4With a confident swoosh Joe netted the carp, relief and a fuelled high five was actioned! Now rules at monument request carp are rested for a minimum of 5 minutes before being extracted from the lake.

This enabled the cradle to be positioned and to ensure a bucket of water was ready along with the bottle of Klin-nik for when I removed the hook.

The rain was falling hard but I didn’t care I carefully removed the hook and applied some klin-nik and then gently positioned my hands under the stunning carp, lifting her up for some pictures before we weighed her.

With the carp in the weigh sling the scales displayed 21lb 7ozs, I was over the moon I have a Monument carp.

The weather remained windy and wet for the remainder of the 36hour session and unfortunately after trying hard I couldn’t tempt another Monument carp.

With the upmost confidence we have already planned to return to Monument, a great well run venue with clean facilities and very helpful staff.

A big thank you to Ian and Joe Hirst on a great 36 hour session long may.

Fwd_ Monument 2 RH fisheries with Ian Hirst-2

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