Single hookbaits, what is the most important attribute in a pop up for this kind of fishing?

Question 2 - image 2Question: On the subject of pops ups for single hookbaits, what is the most important attribute in a pop up for this kind of fishing?

On first glance at this question, I would have said colour or flavour/attraction. However, when I thought carefully about it, the buoyancy would definitely be the most important factor. Many pop up rigs, especially ones like the chod and stiff hinge, are most effective with a pop up. So by using a pop up that is not buoyant enough or looses its buoyancy, you could be rendering your rig useless. There are some exceptions to this, such as the multi rig, which seems to work well with a balanced or bottom bait, but on the whole, most pop up rigs are much most effective with pop ups that ‘pop up’. Luckily all of the pop ups in the Bait-Tech range are super buoyant and maintain their buoyancy even when they’ve been out in the lake for a period of time.

Question 2 - image 1Secondly I would say the colour. By this I don’t mean the exact colour but more the tone. Single hookbaits work by being highly visual and grabbing the carps attention, so anything that’s bright and stands out on the bottom will score well.

Lastly, I would say attraction. The reason that I have put it last, is not because I don’t think they need to be attractive to the carp, but I believe that it is the visual factor of singles which makes them work so well. Look at zig fishing, the majority of the time the hookbait is as simple as a piece of unflavoured foam, so it’s definitely the carps eyesight and curiosity that leads to the bite rather than the attraction.

James Conway

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