A Funky Day Out

image2 2Fancying something a little different this session, anyone that knows my style of angling will know that I love fishing boilies, in particular the Poloni.

Having virtually taken this particular water apart in the past with them, for this session, I set myself a little challenge and resisted the urge to put a Poloni boilie on the hook. Silly? You tell me…

Feeling adventurous, I opted for marine halibut pellets as loose feed and the incredible edible corn imitation as hook bait with a pellet. I was only out for the day, so I suppose every minute counted. The conditions were a little crazy, pretty much what we’ve had the whole of May.

imagejpegOne minute the sky was blue and feeling hot, then it would cloud over with a brisk breeze blowing! To my advantage though, it seemed to bring the fish right in my path of angling. I was casting out PVA bags with pellet as well as catapulting loose pellets out on the spots. It wasn’t long before my gamble was paying off and I was bent into a fish or two. Two pristine commons from a day ticket venue in a few hours was a right result.


From what I’ve seen in the past on this venue, boilies seem to be the most frequent bait used. Don’t be afraid to try something a little different which can give you a great edge. With that, here’s a little something different I put together while I was

on the bank on this day, hope you enjoy it.

(video link) http://youtu.be/8cpMsqVqVLo

Until next time
John Bassili



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