Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Tony Curd

18.08.15_1I had a frustrating day recently when fishing in the margins. The water was around 12 inches deep and I’ve caught well here in the past and did nothing different to before, feeding groundbait and dead maggots and although the fish came in as I could see them, I couldn’t catch! Any clues?

John Steel, Banbury, Oxfordshire

Bait-Tech’s Tony Curd answers:

This is a strange one and it just goes to show that fish can switch off for any given reason; in this instance, I can only assume the changing weather was affecting them as match reports seem to suggest that a lot of venues fish harder from one weekend to the next.

If the signs point to the fishing being a little tougher then I think that you must alter your fishing and try to work for bites. Fishing for really big carp in the margins, I tend to leave out ALL loosefeed and just go with a very fine groundbait mix for feeding, presenting my hookbait on top.

The bigger the fish the more lethargic they are when not in the mood and they don’t feed in packs like small carp so you are often you are catching them one at a time rather than one after another and if this is the case, I like to feed a fine but strong-smelling like Bait-Tech Special G Green and Gold groundbait or Bait-Tech’s new F1 mix.

I will add nothing to this and simply fish a hookbait (which you can vary to see what works best) as this gives the carp very little food options apart from your bait and should result in a bite.

My preferred hook bait in this situation is generally two whole worms as this is a real target bait for the big fish. Too many particles being fed can give the fish too many options before getting to your hookbait. I’ve watched fish feed and swim off without looking at my bait before but fishing this way, I’m lessening the possibility of that happening.


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