Dean Watson Talks About Bait Edges

It’s pretty safe to say that we’ve all had the odd session where the carp were playing hardball. We tend to stick to trusted and proven methods, favourite baits, etc, to get us through the hard times, but sometimes the key to avoiding a blank is to offer the carp something a bit different. Thinking outside the box can lead to the bobbins dancing on those head banging sessions. Here’s my top three tips for when the going gets tough:

Coconut bombs

IMG_3092I first covered this method on the 2nd Bait-Tech Carp Catchers Dvd. This method is centred around the ground bait approach, something which is massively overlooked by many anglers. This is a great tactic for getting neat liquids and attractors to the bottom of the lake, which help draw those non interested carp into your area far more quickly than a boiled bait will.

I start off with my old faithful Sweet Coconut Method Mix accompanied with its sidekick, the Sweet Coconut Liquid. First up, start by making ground bait balls a bit bigger than a golf ball. Take a 6-8mm drill bit and drill 3/4’s of the way through. The trick now is to neatly apply the coconut liquid into the drilled chamber, the best way is by using a bait syringe (these can be found in the bait making area in most tackle shops).

IMG_3089Slowly fill the hollow chamber with the bait syringe until the liquid oozes out then using a small piece of
the left over ground bait mix, plug the hole. Job done! Repeat this process for up to 8-10 balls to cover the area that you’re fishing. The best way to deploy these is by using a catapult. Once the ground bait balls hit the bottom of the lake they will begin to break down releasing the neat liquid attractors into the swim, grabbing the attention of the carp nearby.


This method has worked well for me in deep waters with the attractors travelling through the water columns drawing the carp down from the upper layers.

Hemp and Boilies 

IMG_3211Now I know there’s nothing new here, a classic combo that’s accounted for many carp caught over the years. However, this being one of my ace cards, it’s all about presentation and how to fish alongside the free offerings. I’m a massive fan of matching the hatch, blending in my hook baits to my freebies to outwit the wariest of carp. With that in mind, something they haven’t seen before can be their undoing. Using a 14mm Poloni popup I’ll bait-floss on some of Enterprise tackles fake sinking hemp, which have been pre-soaked in the x-cite chilli oil to add that extra pulling power. This can be set up on chod rig or as a simple bottom bait but I tend to favour the popped up presentation. The rig shown in the pictures are chod rig and the combi rig set up. When fishing it chod style, I tend to have this located about 5-6ft off
the baited area. The combi rig I’ll fish up to the edge of the baited area. Both rigs have the hook ring
swivel going through the pop-up to allow the fake hemp to be bait flossed on. This tactic has accounted
IMG_3150for some great captures over the years. The fake hemp mimics small snails and other pond life as well as the free offerings. How many times have we dropped boilies into the margins and later found the lakes little critters all over them? This is what the carp find and if it’s happening in the margins, then you can bet your life it’s happening out in open water. This tactic is also great for a single bait during winter & early spring.


The forgotten method

IMG_3192Working in a tackle shop, I know how many boilie anglers there are out there! I’d have a guess that 90% of anglers reading this don’t use, or have never tried, the method feeder. Whether it’s not “carpy enough” or not the “in thing” it’s a great tactic that’s accounted for many competition’s won on the Match circuit. An avenue us carp anglers overlook too easily.

This little gem has banked me some stunning carp over the years. The method offers that little snack for a passing carp. It lends itself best for the margin work, lowering the rig onto the spot for perfect presentation. So what makes this different from the norm? Using real blood worm!

Every good method mix needs a base. For this I use the Envy Mix which is a halibut and hemp combination that has a fast break down time. To this I add real blood worm which comes blast frozen to ensure its fresh once defrosted. Blood worm is something that no carp can resist as it’s packed full of natural amino acids and with it being a primary food source for the carp, they’ll lap it up for fun!



The hook bait choice for this method is a blood worm dumbbell. Modern method feeders & moulds offer the best presentation leaving your hook bait sitting on top, primed for the first nibble.

Using these 3 tactics has rescued me from a blank many a time. On those days where you’re scratching your head for a bite, try being different than the other anglers around you, especially on those busy day ticket waters.

Be Lucky
Dean Watson



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