Craig Mortimer with another UK 40lber!

Its been a while since I had managed to get the rods out, it’s been a really busy time starting up my own IT support and Consultancy company and spending time with the family.

IMG_7953I was itching to get the rods out and I managed to take the Friday afternoon off work and head over to Monks pit nice and early for a 48 hour session!

As I arrived I was surprised to see only a few anglers on, I found fish straight away sitting in dense weed beds in the shallows, it looked awesome for a bite. I opted for a swim called the plateau.

After a good lead about spots where found, rigs where in position and 200 baits of the Bait-Tech Poloni boilie scattered over two rods and I was fishing. Just had to sit back, watch the water and wait for it to happen.

4.30am on Saturday morning soon came and not a bleep, so strange as I really thought it was going to happen. I stood there first light just watching and waiting for fish to give their selves away.

I soon saw fish showing on the other side of the lake the furthest swim away from me. No hesitation I packed up everything and moved. By 5.30am I was set up in a swim called the swamp, rods on the spots and feeling confident being on fish. A light scattering of the Poloni and single popups on hinge stiff rigs with size 5 Gardner chod hooks in amongst it.

2.30pm in the afternoon, 25 degrees and fishing in 23ft of water I had my first bite. How mental is that! Fishing in that depth of water and in those temperatures. Mid blowing to me, but then again its where they live.

IMG_7834As soon as I lifted into it I knew it was a good fish, and after a hairy fight and weed bed after weed bed it finally graced the net. First fish of the session 32lb 7 oz. Absolutely made up. The early morning move had really payed off.

Nothing else happened for the rest of the day or night but first light Sunday morning it really kicked off, left hand rod absolutely melted off resulting in a 22lb mirror and then at 10.30 am on the Sunday after spombing a bit more bait over the rods the middle rod pulled up tight and resulted in another UK 40, a nice old bruiser of a mirror that went 40lb 11oz. A proper mental buzz and what a session. Being mobile and being active and watching the water can really change your session, I guess that’s why we love fishing so much, you just never know how the session is going to pan out.


Craig Mortimer


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