Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Steve Tucker

Should I be using pure fishmeal groundbait for margin fishing in summer or should I take a look at the more modern sweet fishmeal mixes?
Chris Flowers, Atherstone, Warks

Bait-Tech’s Steve Tucker says:

“I know that in recent times a lot of people have switched to using sweet fishmeal groundbaits for commercial work, especially when it comes to fishing down the edge but I have to say that I’m not a convert yet and where groundbait for carp in concerned, I’m still a massive fan of using pure fishmeal.


My thinking is that the fish see and are fed fishmeal regularly in pellet form and so are used to it forming part of their diet and there’s no doubt that tipping in loose groundbait in the edge is devastating for big commercial carp in the closing stages of a match.

When it comes to groundbait I always look for the best quality product I can find and the GPS90 fishmeals used in Bait-Tech’s Special G are by far the best quality I have ever used and more importantly, the fish love it!


However, you don’t have to use just groundbait for margin fishing and on some waters, groundbait is even banned! In this situation, I’d happily use just Special G pellets, which pack the same power as the crumb but in pellet form – better still, if you can combine the two, you’re onto a real winner!”


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