Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Wayne Swinscoe

23.06.15_1There’s some great silverfish sport to be had on a lot of commercials these days and my club are thinking about having some designated matches fishing for them. What would be the right groundbait to use in this instance? Would a fishmeal mix attract too many carp because I know that bream and skimmers love pellets and fishmeal so I’m a little unsure as to what to use.

Carl Bradford, Kidderminster, Worcs

Bait-Tech’s Wayne Swinscoe says:

To be honest I used to ask this question myself a lot and the answer is that you need to find the right solution because it is one of those things that can play with your mind!

23.06.15_2Having had more experience on this type of venue in recent years I would definitely plump for a fishmeal mix if the venue sees a lot of pellet being fed. Skimmers and even roach on well-established fisheries are more than used to fishmeal and will happily feed on it and over it.

The only rule I’ve got is that if I think it’s going to be more of a roach than skimmer match then I will use less fishmeal. My favourite mixes are Special G Green and Gold mixed in equal parts together or Kult Sweet Fishmeal if the day is going to more about catching roach.

Of course if the lake only held roach and no numbers of bream to speak of then I would settle for 100% Pro-Natural as this is a superb mix when there are a lot of fish to catch.


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