Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Lee Werrett

23.06.15_1Q: I’m fishing a new lake where the fish are quite large. They average anywhere from 6-10lb and the best tactic seems to be catching the on the pole on the bottom with pellets. I’ve tried fishing shallow for them with very little success yet I foul hook a lot of fish when feeding 6mms pellets and fishing on the bottom. What am I doing wrong?

Bait-Tech’s Lee Werrett says:

A: this isn’t uncommon these days. As the fish in our commercials grow large they don’t compete for food like they did when smaller and catching shallow can on occasion be difficult. It sounds like you have plenty of fish in your swim but to combat the foul hookers have you tried pinging 8mm pellets?

I often fish like this and it can be deadly in the right circumstances. I hair rig a hard 8mm Carp & Coarse pellet or Krill pellet and look to gently catapult a few around my float. Lifting and dropping my rig often induces bites. The larger pellets sink faster and with less of them being fed it will quite often transform your peg and get you catching well. If you are still experiencing problems then try just feeing with a pole cup and sit and wait for the bites.

Paste is another great option for fish like this, particularly if the bottom is soft and there is loads of fizzing. Plus, I never go anywhere without a bag of Special G Gold these days.

Hope this helps!

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