Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Jamie Harrison

16.06.15_1Q: When fishing the feeder, how do I know how deep the swim is and does your groundbait choice differ depending on the depth? Nick Winterbourne, Cradley Heath, Birmingham

Bait-Tech’s Jamie Harrison says:

Most anglers are well-rehearsed in looking for and taking note of visual features once they arrive at their peg but most seem to forget about the features which lie beneath the surface and with a little practice, you can find these, which may be even more important than any overhanging tree or reed bed!

16.06.15_2For open water feeder fishing it’s important to have an idea of any depth changes, slopes or shallower areas which may be in front of you for you to formulate a plan and highlight any target areas. By simply clipping a 1 or 2oz lead onto your rig and casting around your swim, you can count how many seconds it takes for the lead to hit bottom.

This will help you to roughly map out the contours of your swim and may also bring to your attention any snaggy or weedy areas. If you are targeting these deeper areas, think about what type of feeder you plan to use and what the target species will be.

For cage feeder fishing, a sticky groundbait mix is best like such as Bait-Tech’s Halibut Marine Method Mix, Krill & Tuna or Envy Method mix – basically, any mix that is designed for Method feeder fishing will have the stickiness required to hold the groundbait in the feeder until it reaches the bottom in deep water.

16.06.15_4However, if you are targeting roach, perch or skimmers on a natural water, then Pro Natural Bream is excellent as it is nice and sweet but also has enough crumb in it to bind well. If you plan to use a solid plastic feeder however, try the new F1 Groundbait mix for a fishmeal option and Pro Natural Dark for a natural water mix. Mix these slightly on the dry side though. as with a plastic feeder the water can’t access the groundbait as easily as it can with a cage, which is why many anglers prefer a solid plastic feeder in extremely deep water as it helps to make sure your groundbait only exits the feeder once it has hit bottom and not as it falls through the water.

2 Responses to Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Jamie Harrison

  1. gie February 21, 2016 at 3:24 pm


    I want to go for the first time tot canal ghent- terneuzen,what groundbait do i have to use.
    I know it is 14meters deep there,target skimmers and bream.

    A fan in belgium..

    • Bait-Tech March 4, 2016 at 2:32 pm

      This reply from Jamie Harrison:
      “We’ve fished the European Feeder Challenge on that canal for the last 2 years and we’ve won medals on both occasions and one of the best mixes we used was the Pro Natural Dark. We used it on it’s own mixed quite dry and introduced it through either a 30g or 40g plastic feeder. However, if we mixed the Pro Natural Dark with 20% Golden Brown Crumb it made the mix slightly firmer which meant we could use it with a cage feeder which we used to catch extra fish later in the match. Last year in the lead up to the World Feeder Championships we also caught some larger Bream with a mix of 50% Pro Natural Dark and Pro Natural Bream and added 10% Brasem.”

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