Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Andy Bennett

02.06.15_1“I fish a small lake with an island on every peg around 13m out. The main fish are small carp to 3lb and they live tight to the islands where there’s less than 12 inches of water. I feed micro pellets using a small pot but foul hook more than I land. Is groundbait worth using instead of pellets?”

Pete Dalton, Grantham, Lincs

Andy Bennett says:

“In such shallow water, foul hooking fish is always likely especially when feeding slow-sinking particles like pellets and maggots and I’d perhaps firstly look to move away from the island and find a little more depth to play with – 18 inches is the perfect scenario but as you say, the fish seem to like being close to that island and so may not move away.

Groundbait could well work as it does seem to settle the fish when fishing long to islands in shallow water. I use it at Partridge Lakes when the F1s and carp are moving up and down in the water a lot but by giving them a small ball of groundbait, I can concentrate them into feeding on the bottom and in a specific area.

It may be that you need to regularly top up with a ball (no bigger than a walnut) to keep the fish where you want them, especially in warm weather when carp are at their most active and since it was launched, I’ve used Bait-Tech’s new F1 groundbait, which is made from ground Xpand pellets and fishmeals, meaning it’s perfect when fishing with pellets on the hook either as expanders or a banded hard offering.

Talking of hard pellets, it could also be worth your while fishing a banded pellet just a few inches deep and seeing if the carp can be caught shallow either by loosefeeding pellet over the top or tapping the pole tip on the water surface. Good luck!”








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