Leaving on a High (Part 2) – Lee Morris

Part 2…….

The Fox cameras had switched on and we briefly filmed the two twenties I had that morning.


Midday was approaching and I had one other bite off the bottom and to be honest that fish was a blur – I can’t remember what size that fish was, I’m sure it was another 20, normally I look back on my pictures on my camera after a mental session to remind me of what I had but with Harry there we just filmed it and then put her back.

That day’s task was to film some surface fishing, with the morning bites gone I reeled in and made my way to a swim called the High Swim. It’s an area the sun hits first in the morning and continues to warm the area throughout the day and the fish gather up there in numbers. With the bank being very high, hence the name of the swim (!), it was a good vantage point to surface fish, you were actually so high up you could see every fish in the area and every fish coming into the zone so that you could present your hook bait right in line with where they were swimming and hopefully catch a few.

I obviously can’t give too much away cause the filming will reveal all, but the first bite I had was an epic one, Harry had two cameras set up, one on the controller float and hook bait and one on me holding the rod, so for that first bite he’s managed to capture the fish taking the bait and the big explosion as it surged off and me striking into it as well.

I will talk a little about this fight, because it’s the first one of the day “off the surface” and my first time fishing for the cameras – the pressure was well and truly on for getting this one in the net. The fish surged off bow waving to my left as it spent most of its time on the surface, this was ideal because there was a fair few thick weed beds out there and so far it had managed to avoid all of them under the rod tip. It looked as though it was ready for netting straightaway so I clambered down the steep bank to net it, but this fish had other ideas.

It powered off into a weed bed right in front of the swim and a big fizzer came up telling me this carp had buried its head deep into the weed so all I did was hold on and prayed to the Carp Gods to be kind and let me net this fist carp.

Well I don’t know how much of the footage Harry will add to the filming but I can assure you it took nearly two hours to get this fish in, it was an incredible first battle for the cameras and I spent most of my time in the lake trying desperately to get this fish in the net.

After the many dramas I had, she was finally mine and I couldn’t have been happier, I went on to catch a further 8 carp that day and the Carp Gods had shined on me – it couldn’t have gone any better for my debut with Fox and I still had another day to go.

The next morning came and Harry was up mega early to set the cameras on the rods, in the hope of a filming a morning bite, well he didn’t have to wait long and the middle rod was away. Scurrying out of my pit half asleep I ran towards the rod which was in full melt down and on picking it up I took out the left hand rod, the rod went flying and no doubt looked a total pratt on film.

That will teach me for looking all tarty on the bank and you know what, that’s the first time that’s happened to me and it had to be whilst on film aye, Sod’s Law I suppose. That fish was in and I’m sure that one was another twenty again a little bit of a blur because there is plenty more craziness to come.

That was the only bite that morning on the bottom rods, so it was time to reel them in and bait the spots that I was fishing so any fish up for a feed could have a free meal for the day as I go off to do some more floater fishing.

As I began to walk round there was a guy that had set up that morning right opposite the high bank which I knew would write that swim off for the surface fishing, I set up right next door to him….

I didn’t want to upset the guy but I had a walk round the lake and there were no signs of fish anywhere and when I had a look in the High Swim I counted 85 cod just sat in the weed and right next to the bank. On a lake that has just over 100 fish in it was obvious why I hadn’t seen them any anywhere else so my only option was to fish the swim next door to the guy.

After hours of spodding mixers to try and feed the birds off, I’m sure the guy next door was giggling away to himself as wave after wave of seagulls just kept coming and coming, I now know how the 300 felt as wave after wave of Prussians were coming at them – this was the same thing I tell ya! They just wouldn’t go and 26 bags of mixers later they were finally fed off!!!!!!!

All this disturbance had got the fish moving about a bit, whereas before they were just sat in the weed monging out and not doing a lot, there was now 4 or five of them swimming about looking keen for a mixer or two.

Out went the hook bait and not long after I was into an angry cod, giving it the large one to the camera, talking the talk and then getting the cod into the margins it then decided to do exactly what they all loved to do in there power off under the rod tip and bury itself into a marginal weed bed.

Off with the shoes and socks and in I went but I couldn’t pull this fish from the weed, after getting a better angle on the fish i.e. nearly in the guys swim next door, I managed to pull him free of the weed bed. Quickly I ran back to my swim and continued to play the fish from there but again it just powered off back into the sanctuary of the marginal weed.

I repeated the process and after again getting a better angle from the guys swim next door I managed to pull the fish free, quickly I got back into my swim then the fish powered off once more but this time I gave it a little too much stick and the hook pulled.

I was gutted, it was my own fault for giving it too much, I’m sure the guy next door was happy enough to see me lose it which I may add still hadn’t said a word to me as yet. I quickly forgot about the loss and carried on spodding mixers out in the hope of another chance.

Again wave after wave of Prussians came, the Gods were going to make me work for my fish today! Not long after the damn gulls had left I was in again, after a nice tussle around, this one went straight in the net, I was buzzing big time the guy next door came straight over, his first words were… “in 30 years of fishing I’ve never seen anything like that, well done to you lad you worked very hard for that one.” Wow I wasn’t expecting that, I was waiting for a world of abuse from him and a surprised thank you was said back to him which he then replied “what are you using on them mixers to get the carp going so mad?” I showed him the Krill and Tuna oil I was using to cover the mixers with and he seemed quite impressed.

I think I’ve given enough away for this day so I shall leave it on this high and I’m sure you will all see this epic adventure some time on the Fox website in the near future but more is to come right now…… a lot more……..

Harry left that evening, I cracked open a beer and toasted myself to a successful two days filming, I was on cloud nine, it couldn’t have gone any better.

I was now looking forward to teaching a lad arriving the next day for a tuition, after many phone calls with this lad, Dan Carter prior, to this session, I could tell he was really looking forward to it: he was hoping he could break his PB of 9lb and learn as much as he could about carp fishing.

The morning arrived and I lost one off the bottom that morning and nothing else happened. Dan arrived around midday and we began the tutorial: I set him up next door to me and we found him 3 spots out in the lake. I showed him all the ways of finding spots etc with a lead then we got some bait out and went over to the lake next door to do a bit of surface fishing.

I hopped we could gradually build up his PB on this lake, there’s lots of fish that are mid double to twenty lb which reside in the big lake at the NFWP, so we got some mixers out in a small corner of the lake and it wasn’t long till we had carp feeding. We got the rod out after them damn sea gulls had their feed and it wasn’t long till Dan had his first fish on.

This carp wasn’t giving up easily; it made Dan work hard to get it ready for the net. He did a perfect job keeping it away from the snags to our left then after a few more last gasp lunges the fish was up on the surface ready for netting, I could tell straightaway that this was most definitely a PB for Dan and he did a perfect job in guiding it into the awaiting net.


It was only the biggest fish in the lake! A carp called Helen, she went 28lb and I couldn’t have been happier for Dan, he was buzzing like you can imagine and so was I, well done mate, good angling and well deserved buddy.


We caught a few more from the big lake around mid doubles then it was time to get back to base camp on the little lake in hope of bagging something special for the night.


All our rods went out sweetly, a little more bait was spodded out to our spots and it wasn’t long till one of Dan’s rods was away. Unfortunately the hook pulled soon after Dan leaning into it but that didn’t dampen our mood, it was a good sign for the night ahead in the hope of one of the rods going again.

Not much sleep was had for me the whole night as I had the most savage liners ever, some of them were even pulling the line out the clips on all 3 rods then just as dawn broke it kicked off big time.

The left hand rod was away, a 26lb mirror then soon after putting it back out, it was away again, another 26lb mirror then just as I was putting that in the retainer the middle rod was away 28lb mirror then I got both rods put back on their spots rebated all 3 rods again. The left hand rod was on just Scopex corn and Aniseed Hemp, the middle rod was crushed Poloni boilie, whole Poloni boilie and corn and hemp, and the right hand rod just Poloni boilies 18mm and 14mm. After getting all 3 rods baited up the right hand rod was away, a 30lb common.




I honestly couldn’t believe what was happening on my last ever morning here and then the left hand rod was away………………

This fish wallowed around like a heavy pig would wallow around, that’s if you have ever hooked a heavy pig in water – I just imagine that that’s what it’s like. ANYWAY, after drawing this heavy pig in, well I couldn’t believe it, clearly the biggest fish I’ve had from the park.

It’s weird as I look back on all this, the first fish I had from the venue at 37lb was the biggest fish, and now the last fish from the venue was the biggest fish.

I truly cant believe my luck on this very last trip, still can’t believe it now, a quick phone call to Harry and he was soon back on the bank with me to film these incredible creatures I had caught.


I will keep the weight of this fish under wraps until the filming is released, so keep an eye out for it.

Thanks to all that had made my time on the NFWP an amazing one I’ve made some close friends over there and I’ve had some truly epic adventures along the way, thanks for reading its now time for me to go on a venue search……………..

Till next time…..

Lee Morris
Carp Catcher

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