Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Jamie Harrison

09.06.15_2Q: What is the most effective way of practicing on a new skimmer venue? How do you decide what type of groundbait to use when using the feeder? Would you fish a method feeder or cage?

Bait-Tech’s Jamie Harrison says:

There are a few things to consider when tackling skimmers on a new venue but once you get an understanding of the venue, then it should make your groundbait and feeding decisions easier. If the venue is a commercial or is a popular pellet venue then a fishmeal groundbait will be best. If it’s a completely natural venue then chances are that a cereal mix will be more appropriate.

My favourite cereal mix is the extremely popular Pro Natural Bream and I’ve had loads of success this year with Envy Green and Omen so they are my fishmeal choices. The depth is an issue and if it’s a venue that’s over 8ft deep then I like to use ‘stickier’ mixes like Envy and even the Halibut Marine Method mixes which stick nicely in a cage feeder in deeper water.

We’ve noticed these days that skimmers are changing the way in which they feed. It used to be the best approach to introduce a large bed of groundbait and sit and wait for them to arrive, most of the time now it’s best to fish for one fish at a time, introduce only a few offerings, cast regularly and rely on the scent and cloud from the groundbait to draw single fish in where they can pick out your hookbait. If they are coming in quickly after the cast, then they are moving in on the groundbait so the Method feeder could easily be more effective on those occasions.

The beauty of the Bait-Tech Method mixes is that when mixed correctly, they are just as suitable moulded around a Method feeder as they are used in a cage feeder making your mix choice very economical.”

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