Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Andy Neal

26.05.15_1Q: I’ve been using your N-Tice Polony and catching some lovely fish. I’ve had some great bags on it. I noticed last week that I seemed to foul hook a lot of fish and miss bites. This didn’t seem an issue before and I haven’t changed anything in my fishing. I’m fish a few meters out on the pole. Why did this happen and what have I done wrong?

Bait-Tech’s Andy Neal says:

Okay, there are a few things that could have contributed to this. It seems the cause of this is the fish have come shallow or been off the bottom hence the foul hooking and missed bites. You could have course fish for them shallow but if that doesn’t work then you can simply alter your feeding to try and force them down on the deck when you can catch them properly.

Like you, I fish Bait-Tech’s N-Tice meat as it gets you a bite quicker than normal meat when feeding lots. It may be best to alter your feeding so instead of little and often you swap to a larger amount and feed less often. This will make the fish go down to the deck to feed where you can catch them properly.

If the problem persists then try feeding the meat with a heavy bait like corn or hemp. these heavy particles don’t waft about so much again making the fish centre their attentions close to the bottom.

If all that fails then I will reach for a bag of 8mm Carp & Coarse pellets. These big pellets sink quickly and I’ll fish one of these either hair rigged or banded on the hook. Feed 3-4 pellets around the float regularly. These baits stay put on the bottom and should completely solve any issues you have.


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