Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Andy Neal

19.05.15_2Q: I fished a match this week on a new venue. One of the regulars there told me it was and out and out Pellet venue and that’s all he ever takes. With that in mind I went and based everything around a pellet attack. I caught fairly well but a guy won the match fishing with meat. I didn’t have any with me. How can you tell what the fish will want?

A: Bait-Tech’s Andy Neal says:

Well, quite simply you can’t tell what they want and you have to make educated guesses what to use but have other options and be willing to use and try them all the time.

It’s easy to listen to someone who has a lot of confidence and faith in a method or bait but that isn’t always the best way to approach things. You can look at results and speak to people for information on new waters but never take anything as gospel. These fish can change preference for something very quickly. You have to be ready to change with them.

19.05.15_1Typically for standard commercial fishing my spring and early summer bait list see a lot of meat and pellets. This is a general starting point and one I have arrived at over studying fish behaviour and results. That isn’t to say that it will definitely be the winning formula and where allowed I will always carry corn, groundbait and even maggots and worms. If things aren’t going to plan at least you can make changes! Meat in particular is a great bait at this time of year and catches loads of fish. As long as it’s allowed I would never go to a commercial without it.

I like to use a mixture of meats too and prefer to use Bait-Tech’s N-Tice Polony mixed with a standard luncheon meat or Bait-Tech’s Boosted meat. This gives me plenty of hookbait choices to try. It’s amazing how often you can quicker bites on a flavour hookbait such as N-Tice.

Of course, as said though, if meat doesn’t seem to be working then I will have the pellets and other baits with me as a backup. Never take anything for granted. Always carry the extras you may need as the day you don’t is the day you’ll need them!

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