Joe Turnbull Interviews Bait-Tech’s CEO

Carp journalist (CarpWorld / Crafty Carper) and bait enthusiast Joe Turnbull quizzes Bait-Tech’s CEO, Pete Clapperton, over the invention that is a new step in the evolution of the business.


JT: Where did the idea behind the Poloni boilie come from?
Well, for quite some time we have been experimenting with different herbs and spices with the desire to use natural products as attractors as obviously it would make a whole load of sense.

We discovered that many herbs and spices permeate in water much better than oils and other products regularly used in baits. They clearly have a much wider chemo sensory penetration than we realised and in simple terms, fish can smell certain spices from fairly long distances. Our groundbaits contain a variety of different herbs and spices which is why they are consistently successful.

We came up with a mix of 8 herbs and spices that we knew carp liked. Then we had to test inclusion rates and study their reaction as we know too much of a good thing can be as off putting as too little. Bit like sugar if you add one spoonful to your tea or coffee it tastes pleasant, add 5 spoonful’s it’s undrinkable! Plus one spice can counter the effect of another herb so we had to get the ratios right…..the tweaking and fine tuning was a long process.

We then tested it in luncheon meat. Well, the result was amazing. Number one, carp loved it but just as important they found and located it quicker in coloured water. The only answer for that was its aroma was stronger or more attractive or easier to locate and probably all three reasons.

And it was natural. The success of our Poloni Meat has been proven many, many times. So it wasn’t a very difficult idea to consider that this surely would work in a boilie!!!

And so began the quest to make a boilie that would contain these natural attractors and food items.

JT: What makes the Poloni boilie different to anything else out there currently on the market?
Good question, anglers have so much choice these days but we know we have something different to anything else on the market, with its unique smell and that the Poloni blend had been a proven combination, all we had to do was add all the other vital ingredients.

So, we had a flavour that attracted and provoked a reaction from carp, now we needed protein and a balanced diet that carp would love eating and be good for them so when fed into waters carp would feed on and return to.

We turned to the science of fish nutrition and studied what was the perfect amino acid profile for a carp’s healthy diet. From that we matched ingredients that would give the Poloni boilie that amino acid balance.

Yes it’s a food source boilie like other good food source boilies out there, but it’s the unique blend of the herbs and spices for attracting carp that we’ve got right.


JT: Regarding nutrition, what does it contain to ensure this?
PC: There are a lot of the regular high quality ingredients essential to the composition of a good boilie that contain the eggs and milk powders etc., which naturally contain their own good dietary contribution but we needed that protein that is the building block of all good food.

We decided against fishmeals for lots of reasons, the unreliability of its supply and renown lack of consistency plus we didn’t want the effect of masking Poloni’s unique aroma. We worked with a new ingredients company in the animal and aquaculture industry who had developed a natural protein-based ingredient, the product which we have named M5, had the right profile for the optimal levels of the essential amino acids for carp diets, which includes Methionine, Lysine and Threonin.

We took into consideration that there is a maintenance requirement of proteins in the diet which is the amount of amino acid that allows for maintaining good health. There is also the digestibility of dietary amino acids which is also important when looking at the type of protein we wanted to use. The M5 has natural palatents in its make-up too which was an added bonus.

What was now left to research was the balance of these ingredients, the manufacture and the testing as we had no desire to go to market until we, and our carp anglers, were absolutely convinced it was right.

JT: How long has it taken before you were finally happy to release it to the public?
Over 2 years, we were aware our reputation was not to be compromised by risking anything. We had to make sure, not us, but our genuine carp anglers were convinced this product was as good as we said it was.

Many batches later and many captures later we have arrived at that point. We are confident that this Poloni boilie is special, unique and will improve anglers success rate.

The most rewarding part of all the testing was not the captures but of the consistent reports of our anglers watching carp returning to spots and repeatedly feeding on Poloni.

And, you know why, they love eating them! The attractor package is so good they come back again and again.

JT: What does Poloni mean or stand for?
It originally comes from a sausage and sausages were developed as a way to preserve scraps of meat and not waste food. The meat was mixed with a variety spices and salt and then cured so that it would last a long time. The origin of polony is uncertain, though it probably came from either Poland or Italy in the 1600’s; two countries that were famous for their sausages.

The different selection of spices created the different flavours and spiced sausages have become popular in the western world, you can see that different countries tend to have their favourite blends.

Poloni is the secret Bait-Tech blend!

JT: Is it fully useable throughout the seasons or would you regard it as a certain time of year bait?
PC: That’s why we’ve tested it for so long, we wanted to make sure that it was usable throughout the year. It has proven over the last two years to have worked all year round, which is exactly what we wanted to achieve. We didn’t want to dilute our boilie range with a bait for the summer, then a bait for the winter, then a bait for the spring – people don’t have to buy different boilies, they can buy the Poloni boilie and be confident in it full stop.

We’ve had some spectacular reports from our carp catchers with regards to the catches they have had during all times of the year. Even on waters which reportedly take only one type of boilie, or are a particle-specific lake. It’s been a very exciting development.

JT: I notice the bait is fairly salty, where does this come from?
There is certainly salt in the recipe, it’s a natural preservative – it’s been used as such since ancient times to protect food. Salt has been used for a long time to stop pathogens in the body and studies have found it to be a general tonic, health benefit and stress reducer for freshwater fish.

Salt enhances the Poloni flavour. Why wouldn’t we use it?

JT: Will there be any other additions to the range as in Poloni pellet etc?
We have already made a groundbait and there is the Poloni Oil, which both are having great capture reports, but pellets is a manufacturing challenge when done correctly – you know we don’t go down the spraying route, so we’ll keep working on that one.

There are additional products we are currently testing, like wafters and a very individual and unique glug and we’re looking at and working on…..we’re constantly looking and working on others in our whole range – it’s our job to be continually researching and playing with recipes and products.

There will be a Phase 2 launch of the other products in the range……not long to wait!


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